Best Bathroom Flooring Options

Many of the homeowners often put forward appearance, in their floor selection projects in the room! It’s a different story if we talk about Best Bathroom Flooring Options, in choosing to prioritize performance rather than appearance, in this room the selection guidelines will change.

To get the Best Bathroom Flooring Options, the first thing to pay attention to is how the floor performs at high pressure and humidity because we will be dealing with water, steam, and also chemicals. When choosing the wrong floor, you are just wasting money, so before going to the store it’s a good idea to consider some flooring materials for this bathroom.

4 Best Bathroom Flooring Options

4 Best Bathroom Flooring Options You Should Consider

4 Best Bathroom Flooring Options You Should Consider

1. Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles
The first Best Bathroom Flooring Options are tiles! Porcelain tile is the best choice for bathroom floors because it is water-resistant, has an elegant appearance, and is a cost-effective option. The advantages of porcelain tiles are that they resemble stone (rich, textured, durable) like vinyl (in terms of water resistance and cost) and have a wood-like appearance (with their elegant appearance).

Basically, porcelain tile is a family of ceramic tiles with differences in water absorption with a water absorption rate of 0.5 percent or less. What’s even more pleasing about ceramic tiles is their diverse appearance that mimics stone or wood, so you can choose according to the style you have in your bathroom.

For size options, the basic tile material also comes with more variants of shapes and sizes from square and rectangular to even octagonal and hexagonal. There are also smaller looking mosaic tiles laid out on a sheet of netting (so there’s no need to adjust each tile).


  • Many style variants
  • Good selling point
  • Can be equipped with a radiation heater
  • Easy maintenance


  • Cold
  • Hard
  • slippery
  • Looks less sterile

2. Vinyl
For those of you who want a pretty and practical look, vinyl is the most popular choice in recent years. This floor has several variants of slabs, tiles, and boards. Sheet vinyl flooring is best for excessive water quantity. With sizes large enough, vinyl sheets can be attached using zero stitching in small bathrooms.

Luxury plank vinyl is an increasingly sought-after choice for homeowners about 5 inches wide by 48 inches long. And what’s even better is that vinyl is an easy-to-install option and lots of styles to take home!


  • Water resistance
  • Cheap
  • The plank lining is water-resistant
  • Ease of installation (tiles and planks)
  • Easy to update (floating vinyl)


  • Has a bad selling point
  • Cracks and bumps can move to the surface.

3. Engineered Timber
Best Bathroom Flooring Options The next one is engineered wood. Engineered wood is a better choice than solid wood in areas with high humidity because of its dimensional stability. Recycled wood with a plywood base makes it a better choice for areas with high humidity.

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What’s even better is that the appearance it has that resembles real wood makes it look elegant. For those who are expecting a wooden look in their bathroom, then processed wood is the best Bathroom Flooring Options right now!


  • Perfect for a wooden look in a bathroom
  • Stable in dimensions
  • Has hardwood on it


  • Can find wear and tear for veneer coating
  • Expensive

4. Laminate
When comparing hardwood and laminate for Best Bathroom Flooring Options, then laminate is a better material. This floor is a paper that has a resin on the base of wood chips. With a laminate surface that has a printed appearance such as oak, cherry, slate, marble, or other, it makes the laminate more attractive.

This option can be an alternative to bathroom floors that will protect the wooden plinth from moisture. With the tight seam between the boards, it will be difficult for moisture to get inside. Ease of cleanliness is also the main advantage of this floor, but unfortunately, when you find moisture in the wood chips, the floor will expand and there is no way to repair it other than torn!


  • Cheap
  • Ease of installation


  • Damage cannot be repaired
  • Can create static electricity

The list above is the Best Bathroom Floor Choices that can be used as guidelines in choosing your bathroom floor. Make sure you choose one of the flooring materials above to find durability and an elegant look for your bathroom.

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