We have discussed it very often, that the bed is the prima donna in the bedroom. So knowing the best bed placement in bedroom is the basis for starting to decorate this room.

In a bedroom decorating project, the main thing to pay attention to is how you can bring a sense of comfort there. In addition to the choice of colors, furnishings, and also complementary accents. The bed is a determining factor for the success of bedroom decoration.

This is because the bed is a place where you will release all the tiredness and tiredness after a hard day’s work. Not only from the selection of beds and mattresses but the placement of the bed in a bedroom must also be considered to maximize the comfort of its users.

In setting up a bedroom, the bed should be the first and foremost piece of furniture to think about for its placement apart from being the largest piece of furniture in the room. A bed that is arranged as well as possible will make the room more functional.

The placement of the bed will often depend on the size and orientation of the room. Here the feng shui experts say that the best placement of the bed is in a commanding position (the most obvious position facing the door). Do not place the bed facing the door because this can be a Threat position (in feng shui), besides that the placement under the window is also not quite right because it has the potential to give a cold feeling from the incoming wind.

So, where is the most appropriate position to place the bed? In placing it, you should pay attention to how the comfort will flow and how you can get the most out of it! To make it easier for you to arrange the bed in the bedroom, we have summarized the best choices for bed placement in bedroom.

Best bed placement in bedroom

5 Best Bed Placement in Bedroom

5 Best Bed Placement in Bedroom

Want a bright blue bedroom decoration? Here is the idea of the light blue bedroom that can be practiced!

In command position

Again, we remind you that the bed must be placed in the most appropriate position to get the function of vision and also comfort. Quoting feng shui principles, the best bed placement in bedroom is in a command position where this position gives you complete access to see every side of the room, especially facing the entrance.

In terms of feng shui principles, this is the most appropriate position to maintain a sense of comfort, safety, and well-being for its users. However, when space is not possible, an idea that can be used is to place a mirror in front of the bed which functions to reflect the door area.

Thus, you can see who is coming in and out of the room even though the position is not in a commanding position based on feng shui.

In the wall area

The headrest on the bed does provide more safety and comfort for the user. But that’s not the only function of the headboard, in bedroom feng shui the headboard has a function as stability, support, and an added sense of security.

In this case, the sturdy and strong headboard has a philosophy for stability in living a hard life head-on. In fact, the headboard is also an addition that gives more impact to the focal point in the room. Headboards can have more colors, motifs, and textures so that the room has more proportions of space and maximizes the visual impact within it.

Another reason for pushing the bed into the wall area is so that bedroom users have a more roomy area that can be used as traffic. In fact, this idea can also be applied to small bedrooms. Because by doing so, you will free up more space and as a result, the room will feel more spacious than it really is.

Symmetrical position in the room

The best bed placement in bedroom that is no less than the other is to place the bed on the focal side. Symmetry in a room will describe a clearer rhythm of space without reducing the sense of comfort that is there.

The balance that is presented will be very pleasing visually and gives peace of mind to its users. All you need to do to get started is to determine where the focal point of the space is.

Twin beds on the other

If you have children with a shared bedroom. Then this one idea is perfect to apply! Placing the bed on two different sides will produce the effect of widening the space to the fullest and increase the proportions of the room itself.

To enhance the design, you can add a nightstand or storage furniture in the middle. This can give the impression of a space that feels even wider than it is. Another extra element is the addition of tone in the headboard area, it takes the look of a space to the next level.

Under the window

If you have a bed that is high enough, the choice of bed placement in bedroom on the window side can be an inspiration for your placement. The ease of looking outside is one of the options that some people really like. They believe that the ease of looking out the window can increase the feeling of comfort and provide extra freshness for the room’s occupants.

However, we only recommend this option for those with large windows. What must be considered for this placement is to always ensure that the incoming light is not obstructed by the bed.

The best position for the placement of the bedroom bed

5 Best Bed Placement in Bedroom Your Should Know

5 Best Bed Placement in Bedroom Your Should Know

If you ask me, the best choice for bed placement is to place it in the “command” position. You can apply this placement without having to place the bed directly in front of the door. Enough you can see who entered and left without having to bother when looking away.

This choice of bed placement in bedroom can be a consideration for you. Existing options can be based on the size and also the amount of furniture you have.


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