5 List of Cheap Flooring Options for Basement

5 List of Cheap Flooring Options for Basement

Cheap Flooring Options for Basement

Basements are often used for things that don’t make sense or are used as secret family rooms. Since guests are rare or you rarely go there, spending over $ 20 per square foot on flooring can be too expensive to do. In fact, the basement only needs a floor that is durable, easy to maintain, and of course has resistance to existing moisture. Thus, Consideration of cheap flooring options for basement can be a guide in installing your floor without having to pay a lot of money and remain durable.

5 List of Cheap Flooring Options for Basement

5 List of Cheap Flooring Options for Basement
5 List of Cheap Flooring Options for Basement

The first cheap flooring options for basement is concrete because it is one of the cheapest floors. Besides being cheap, this floor can also be cleaned easily even though it is cold by covering it with carpet or carpet tiles that will give warmth and softness to relax in your basement.

To make concrete look more elegant, try to acidify it! Acid stains will give the concrete a better color with a chemical process with permanent properties and do not leave a coating on the surface (same as paint).

Basically, concrete can also be painted, but when you use a concrete floor underground any moisture can escape through the concrete slab and is a major cause of peeling paint!

You can also consider using polished and sealed concrete slabs, although you have to add to the cost for this, the results you get will not disappoint.

Nothing beats the look of a vinyl floor set over a concrete floor! Vinyl that has durability, ease of installation, and moisture resistance are a good choice for basement areas (planks and sheets). Besides, its flexible installation and can float on the concrete make this material worth considering.

Although vinyl has many products at varying prices, Cheap flooring options for basement with medium quality vinyl is sufficient for you.

Ceramic Tiles
Everyone knows how ceramic tiles appear to deal with watery and damp areas! Tiles can be said to be a slam-dunk for the underground area. Cheap flooring options for basement with resistance even to flooding? Of course, ceramic tiles are the winner! Cheap floor choices with ceramic often fall on ceramic tiles with a glossy finish, but you shouldn’t forget that porcelain tiles have a cost that fits your budget.

Tile floors are an inexpensive option but you need a professional to do the installation and this is what makes them seem quite expensive.

However, this floor installation is not much different from other flooring options! When you find that the basement slab has large cracks, then installing a splitting membrane under the tiles must be done to prevent slab shifting which can damage the tile.

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Cheap flooring options for basement, furthermore, is laminate flooring. Wait a minute, why is lamination on this list? Couldn’t this floor be in an overly humid area? Laminate floors placed over a damp barrier next to a foam mat can be a smart trick to protect this floor from excess moisture.

Or you can just use a subfloor on top of the concrete and then lay a laminate over it! The use of the floor subfloor panel consists of a plastic honeycomb base which will lift the subfloor slightly higher than the slab.

The edges of the subfloor panels interlock and provide a flat subfloor perfect for use as a base for laminate floors. While this costs extra, it is a sensible idea to deal with the humidity present.

Carpet Tiles
Cheap flooring options for basement that you shouldn’t miss are carpet tiles! Modular carpet tile options are an idea that has a stylish look and is perfect for your basement area. These tiles have a plastic base which makes them resistant to damp areas and can flow downwards for cleaning projects.

It is for this reason that carpet tiles can be included in the list of basement floors because they can handle moisture. When you find a flood there, you can easily remove the tiles and move them to a safer area.

Carpet tiles also come with more color and pattern options to make the basement area more colorful. With so many advantages, this floor should be included in the Cheap flooring options for basement list!

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