There are many people who don’t know how to optimize the empty area on the wall in the master bedroom. Some people even try to cover up the void by moving existing furniture. However, doesn’t this mean you have to move almost all of the furniture there? Have you ever thought about adding wall decoration to your bedroom? Do you want to get a luxurious look without breaking the bank? Here are Master bedroom wall art ideas that will inspire the look of your room!

A blank wall can be a very disturbing thing to look at in a room, and the bedroom is no exception. For this reason, adding wall accessories is used to optimize and enhance the appearance of the room. Here we share some master bedroom wall art ideas that you can practice!

Master bedroom wall art ideas For maximum results

Adding wall art to a blank wall can give a room a dramatic look, and it doesn’t require you to be a pro! Even just a few steps and creative ideas are enough to optimize the appearance of the bedroom wall. Here are tips for selecting bedroom wall art:

Master Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

Master Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

Decide on a bedroom wall art theme

A very basic trick for optimizing the look of a space with wall art is to balance the theme of the room! The selection of wall art must also be based on the theme applied to the bedroom. So, in choosing wall art, make sure the wall art theme matches the interior design of your bedroom!

The choice of wall art according to your personality

Try to determine wall art according to your personal nature and character! This refers to the subject that reflects the emotional connection within. This is a selection of wall art styles that you really like, such as natural impressions, favorite places, and photos of your family.

Hanging Wall art with varying heights

Small framed wall art hanging at the same height can give your room a boring (monotonous) impression! Instead of hanging at the same height, try varying the length of the hanger and creating a more inviting and inviting look! Basically, wall art doesn’t have to be large and hang at an even height. Even a bunch of randomly hanging wall art can be a great appeal for optimizing a bedroom!

Master bedroom wall art ideas in contrasting tones

Best Master Bedroom Wall Art

Best Master Bedroom Wall Art

Wall art ideas in black and white tones will provide the perfect contrast to any space! This idea really gives a good visual impression as an attraction in a room, and the master bedroom is no exception. Wall art in black and white tones is always clear, real, and eye-catching.

These are master bedroom wall art ideas that completely attract more attention and completely change the atmosphere of the space!

Mirror For a double effect

If you have a master bedroom that is not too big in size and wants to make it look wider (visually), then consider a master bedroom wall art with wall mirrors. There’s nothing better to make a room appear larger than by using a mirror.

Mirrors are a great addition to making a room look bigger and brighter! However, be wary of the duplicating nature of mirrors. When placing mirrors, make sure they reflect light rather than clutter the room.

How to Position Artwork in Bedroom For Better Sleep?

Best Master Bedroom Wall Art

Best Master Bedroom Wall Art

Positioning art in your bedroom can be a great way to add a personal touch and enhance the overall aesthetic of your space. When you add wall art in the bedroom, there are tips on how to position artwork in the bedroom that you can try:

Consider the scale of the artwork

Start by considering the size of your artwork, make sure the wall art is proportional to the size of your bedroom. Large pieces work best on larger walls, while smaller pieces can be grouped together on smaller walls.

Placement on the bed

When you want to place wall art above the bed, try to hang it as much as possible at eye level. The general rule is to hang artwork about 6-8 inches above the head of the bed or the top of the mattress.

Grouping multiple works of art

If you prefer smaller pieces of art, then consider grouping them on a gallery wall. Use a consistent color scheme or theme to pull them together.

Hangers of random heights can be a great option for maximizing charm in a bedroom!

Focus on the focal point

If you have a particular focal point in your bedroom, such as a fireplace or a window, consider placing a piece of art near it to draw more attention.

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Consider lighting

The right lighting can make a big difference in the perception of your artwork. Use accent lighting to highlight your artwork and create a comfortable atmosphere.

In front of the Window

For those who have more access to natural light, the idea of a mirror opposite the window can be the right choice to maximize the attractiveness of their bedroom. Master bedroom wall art ideas hung opposite a natural light source will brighten up the space and give the impression that the space is 2x as large as it really is!

In the dressing table area

If you want to hang wall art on the nightstand, then the choice of wall decoration that you can use is a small and framed wall decoration. Use soothing tones, because wall hangings should give a sense of comfort and peace to the users of the space!

Ultimately, master bedroom wall art ideas should be a reflection of your personal style and taste. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different placements and arrangements until you find what works best for your space.


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