5 List of The Best Flooring for Dogs

5 List of The Best Flooring for Dogs in House

Best Flooring for Dogs

For those who have house building or remodeling projects with dogs in them, then this is a great time to consider flooring for dogs options! The choice of Flooring for dogs must have resistance to scratches, absorb sound, and have easy cleaning. Dogs indoors may find it difficult to stand on the wrong floor, which is why choosing the right material is so important. Here are some of the best material choices for a room with a dog in it.

What needs to be underlined on flooring for dogs is that there are no specific rules that describe the best choice for them. However, some of these lists are sensible choices!

5 List of The Best Flooring for Dogs

5 List of The Best Flooring for Dogs
5 List of The Best Flooring for Dogs

1. Carpet
This material can be said to be the most comfortable choice for pets. In fact, they may even think of it as a paradise. The rug has a very soft, warm, and comfortable texture to lay your dog or cat in the house.

Even though it is very soft and comfortable, the fur from pets can get trapped in there along with dust and other debris. When you do your weekly cleaning project, don’t be surprised to find the trash can full of pet hair.


  • Traps fur and dirt
  • If the Dog is not clean then the floor can trap fleas and other pests.

2. Hardwood
This option is indeed the best option to enhance the appearance of the room, but basically with a large investment by buying this material. Using it in a shared room with the dog will probably give you more scratches and scratches.

Given that scratching is a natural trait of pets especially dogs! So, don’t blame them when your floor has a lot of scratches on the surface.

Flooring for dogs made of hardwood won’t work well enough, but if you want a wood-like appearance. The choice of engineered wood flooring is the better thing for you, using it will give a more rustic look than hardwood but still add some appeal to your space.


  • Your dog will find it quite difficult to stand up
  • Scratches everywhere
  • The fur will appear clearer
  • Spills caused can be a big problem for the floor.

The 2 lists above are not good choices for flooring for dogs, with some considerations we have found the best 5 choices for flooring for dogs. Here are some great choices for a room with a dog in it!

This material is the most reasonable choice for pets, because of its antimicrobial properties! With the antimicrobial content in it, you can avoid mold and allergens in the room (including for your pets).

Cork is one of the most pet-friendly flooring ideas that are also super comfortable! However, corks are still on the list of wooden flooring which means they can still be scratched by the paws of your dog. When compared to wood in terms of moisture or water resistance, then this floor is a better choice! However, still being resistant does not mean you can tolerate excess water when you find a spill on a surface, make sure to clean it up immediately.


  1. Mildew resistant
  2. Friendly for pets
  3. Charming view
  4. Absorb sound
  5. Has minimal maintenance


  1. Scratches can still be obtained
  2. Heavy furniture can leave marks on the floor
  3. Sunlight is the main cause of discoloration

Bamboo is the strongest, hardest, long-lived, and very suitable choice for rooms with pets in it! The very strong, durable and very stylish nature of bamboo makes it a dream material for home owners. Even the user is the ideal idea for flooring for dogs.

Its durability is even better suited to the larger hooves of a dog while enhancing the appearance of any space. Although strong, bamboo is still sensitive to moisture! The best idea for using bamboo is when you have a pet that is toilet trained.


  1. Durable
  2. Stylish
  3. Environmentally friendly
  4. Easy maintenance and cleaning
  5. Able to withstand wear and tear


  1. Sensitive to damp areas
  2. Prone to scratches
  3. Being a very expensive option

Floor Tiles
You could say that tile is a very versatile choice of material, and is one of the best choices for flooring for dogs. Durability, timeless, and many options to choose from make tile flooring one idea that really makes sense. Tiles with various textures, can be combined with grout, and this floor has its own appeal for your pet.

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You will find it easier to clean the saliva from the dog, and wiping loose hair becomes an easier project to do.

The only drawback of tile floors is that they are a hard, slippery and cold choice! Clean up spills as soon as possible, adding extra rugs is a method to solve this problem.


  1. Durable
  2. Scratch resistant
  3. Easy to clean


  1. Cold, slippery and hard

This is a hot material for flooring selection with an appeal that resembles real wood floors. Hard, durable, and good at treating stains. Isn’t this the best flooring for dogs at the moment?

As convincing as it may sound, laminate floors can be a slippery choice for those with hairy claws. When compared to bamboo flooring, this is a better idea than laminate for those with large puppies who like to run indoors.


  1. Strong durable
  2. Easy to clean
  3. Not clearly visible scratches (but not scratch resistant)


  1. Slippery
  2. Durability unlike hardwood

If you ask me about the best flooring for dogs option, then I will answer that vinyl is the winner of all flooring! Apart from being cheap, waterproof, they are also very good at dealing with scratches and stains that your pet might scratch. This option is the best for you and your dog.


  1. Stain and scratch resistant
  2. Easy to clean
  3. It’s fun to step on
  4. Multiple waterproof options
  5. Has a look that resembles wood and stone


  1. Color can turn yellow over time
  2. Not environmentally friendly

Tips Maintaining floors for homes with pets
Note that your dog has sharp, muddy nails, and accidents can happen at any time. Maintaining the appearance of the floor to keep it shiny can be done in the following ways:

  • Trim nails regularly to minimize scratches on the floor
  • Prepare a mat at each entrance to collect the dirt carried by the Dog
  • Create a special area for your Dog to eat
  • Bathe and brush your bristles regularly to minimize hair falling on the floor
  • Sweep and mop the floors to remove loose hair

Whatever your choice of flooring will be, maintaining the appearance of the floor depends on how you care for and pay attention to the cleanliness of the pet itself. Basically, Best flooring for dogs is a better choice in dealing with problems that may be caused by pets but to keep the appearance based on how you care for them.

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