6 Basic Living Room Design Ideas You Must Know

6 Basic Living Room Design Ideas You Must Know

If you recently bought or finished building a house, then the first thing on your decorating list is definitely the living room! And beginners may find it difficult to get started and put together a few pieces to get an attractive and harmonious look. That is why you must understand about Basic living room design so that work runs more easily and regularly!

Basic living room design can be started with a consideration of wall color, existing and needed furniture, as well as starting to decorate and organize the space. Viewing photos on Pinterest might help make decorating easier. However, understanding the clearer picture in a decorating project will help to maximize the appearance of the living room. So, keep reading and get inspired for your living room decorating projects.

6 Basic Living Room Design

1. Basic Living Room Design with choose Furniture
Basic living room design is to determine the use of furniture in your living room. In fact, the problem that often occurs when decorating a room is that some homeowners don’t know how to determine and arrange furniture in the room.

In fact, many of them often push their furniture against the wall in hopes of getting more free space there. However, good furniture arrangement is anything that requires careful planning and starts with determining a focal point, a conversation area, and also creating a better traffic area.

2. Carpet area
Next is designing the living room, you can start by paying attention to where to put the carpet! In fact, carpeting is often a controversial issue and presents challenges in living room settings.

What makes the carpet one of the Basic living room designs is because its use will make a conversation area clearer, and also define the space better!

The most basic consideration when choosing a living room rug is its size, a rug that is too small can make the impression of a disjointed space. So, when you are deciding on a rug for your living room, make sure to take a few measurements and know how the furniture you are going to use.

Make sure every piece of furniture is on the carpet or at least the front legs. Don’t forget to leave about 10-22 inches of bare floor space on the edges of the rug and the walls of the room.

3. Wall Art
In fact, a blank wall can be a symbol of an unfinished room! However, this Basic living room design will not require you to fill in every inch of the empty area on the wall. However, you can decorate by determining the wall art that dominates the space and making it a focal point.

When choosing one, you don’t need to spend a fortune but make sure to choose wall art that gives an appeal as well as cohesiveness to your space.

The thing you can do with the best results is to follow your instincts by bringing in items that you like and that reflects that this is your room. Also make sure to get a size that fits in the room, not too big or too small. We recommend measuring the length of the sofa, then taking 1/3 of the normal size and making it a benchmark for choosing your wall decoration.

4. Lighting
Furthermore, it is one of the most important elements in any room! In the living room, lighting may not be used as a task type light, but in a kitchen, lighting is very often used as a type of task that illuminates certain areas with the aim of smoothing out the work in them.

When determining the lighting in the living room, you must make at least 3 main light sources: ambient, task, and accent. Make sure to have light sources positioned at different levels in each area. Try using an overhead chandelier or some recessed lighting, then combine it with a floor lamp, table lamp, or a pair of wall sconces.

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5. Measurement
Whatever part you are working on right now might be rugs, window treatments, or arranging furniture. You must still ensure the ideal size is there and match your placement area. There’s no basic guideline, but when it comes to arranging items in the living room making sure every arrangement matches its size will create a great impact on it!

So, at least you have to create a visual impression that flows in the space so that it looks pleasant and comfortable to live in.

6. Paint color
A basic living room design that should not be forgotten is to consider the use of colors in it. In fact, many people misunderstand and wrongly choose paint colors in the room. Painting is indeed a job that is very easy, cheap, and can be done yourself. However, choosing the right paint color for a room can be quite a daunting job!

This basic living room design will guide you through the selection and make it easy to help out the furniture in it. So, consider considering what we wrote and hopefully be inspired.

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