Scandinavian Home Design

Scandinavian home design is one of the home design styles that has become a topic of conversation because of its appearance! The Scandinavian style that emphasizes a simple appearance, functionality, and also has an appeal to this natural appearance makes it very popular for various countries. This style is based on its functional appearance and is especially charming for cool-down areas like Europe.

What is often displayed in this Scandinavian style is its Nordic style appearance with white walls, natural wood floors, and also the use of modern furniture that makes it even more attractive to the eyes of the space used. This style is even a source of inspiration for home interior design. So, it’s no wonder that many homeowners crave the Scandinavian look to decorate their room.

Basically, a room that is inspired by the Scandinavian style will have a combination of textures, contrasts, and also the use of soft colors to create a modern and sleek look. The essence of Scandinavian home design is in a balanced appearance between space functionality, modern appearance, and comfort. To create that look, Scandinavian home design has 7 basic elements of decoration.

6 Elements of Scandinavian Home Design

6 Elements of Scandinavian Home Design

6 Elements of Scandinavian Home Design

Neutral Color
The first and main element of Scandinavian home design is the use of lighter colors visually. Basically, neutral colors are used for Nordic countries that experience long and dark winters. Thus, the use of bright colors such as white, gray, and brown is a combination of colors that gives the impression of lightness, airiness, and also feels warmer.

It is not uncommon for a bolder blue color to be used as an accent tone to make a more attractive impression.

Natural Light
A mix of neutral colors? Clean and even lighting, of course! Bright white walls will appear more charming and feel more spacious with the use of good lighting in your room. For this reason, when you have a window that is large enough and becomes a bridge to enter natural light into the room. Make sure to minimize the obstacles that are there!

Use lighter window treatments and make sure the lighting comes in naturally and gives the impression of a more spacious and large space.

However, it is not uncommon for a room to have no windows for natural lighting! So, use multiple lighting sources with brighter bulbs to ensure that the room is kept brightly lit for maximum viewing.

Remember! Scandinavian home design is often used in small or minimalist rooms, the wrong or excessive use of furniture can take up space faster. For this reason, the choice of furniture with a modern and sleek look is the most sensible idea for the Scandinavian style itself.

The use of sleek furniture will open up space and the result is a room that looks wider than it is. And options with metal materials such as brass or copper will give more appeal to your room. However, don’t forget to combine it with the wooden look! Because Scandinavia will be more perfect with natural-inspired wood tones.

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This style upholds the principle of less is more. This means that simplicity will remain the basis of any appearance of space! Simple and functional furniture choices, not excessive use of wall hangings, and careful color selection for a more elegant and functional look are options for creating a truly Scandinavian style.

Put in a wooden accent
This is the best opportunity to present a natural impression in your room! Choose one of your walls for grasping accent tones with a wood look. In this way, you can create a warmer feel of the room and catch the eye of the space used.

Wood such as beech, ash, or pine is good choices for a light, sunny look.

Give Ornamental Plants
Decorative plants, flowers, and decorative leaves are options to make Scandinavian home designs brighter and give a more vibrant appearance. As well as providing extra freshness, you will also get additional colors that allow a natural finish to flow into your d├ęcor.

The Scandinavian home design will be more charming and perfect when you keep the appearance of the room stable without any clutter on the surface. The chaos that spreads on the surface will create the impression of a narrow and crowded space, of course, this will not be good for your Scandinavian home design.

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