6 Kitchen Island Types with Pro and Cons for Considering

Kitchen Island Types

Kitchen island types come with many options to bring to your decorating project, from cheap, simple, expensive, even the most functional. Comes with a divider between a portable island or a permanent island. There are types of fixed installations with electric sticks. there are also those that can be moved from one side to the other. And if the foundation of the house has a slab on grade surface, then you need a cutter on the slab or do wiring from it.

Here are some Kitchen island types complete with their advantages and disadvantages, read and consider to make selection easier.

6 Kitchen Island Types with Pro and Cons

6 Kitchen Island Types with Pro and Cons for Consider
6 Kitchen Island Types with Pro and Cons for considering

Rolling Cart Kitchen Island Types
Maybe this Kitchen island type isn’t exactly an “island”, because they roll over! This cart is more like a portable preparation area that will be stored next to the kitchen (not displayed prominently or permanently in the main area of the kitchen. This type is a very flexible kitchen island option as it can be moved to any side as desired.


  • This option is an idea with a cheap investment and also easy to move from one side to the other (in and out of the kitchen).


  • Given that this particular island rolled over, they had unlockable wheels on the floor. And when using them, you have to make sure they stay where they are.

A small island (not the portable type)
This kitchen island type is different from the portable island that can be rolled, the only difference is that the area under the island does not have wheels. The nice thing about this breed is that they are smaller in size than a kitchen island, but strive to have a look that matches them.

Know-How To Design Small Kitchen

With a height of about 38 “, this option provides a really suitable height for the preparation area. It will not roll as well as a rolling cart. However, to avoid electrical problems with socket installation make sure you don’t attach the island to the floor.


  • It is a very simple type of island, takes up less space at a more affordable cost.


  • They have a really minimalist size, maybe the biggest maximum size for this type is around 4 feet.

Table Type
This one comes with 4 feet and a flat top that is positioned like a typical kitchen island. This is not an island, but a rectangular table that is used as an island in the kitchen area for various preparation activities.

  • Pro:
  • Easy to move or install
  • Because it is not attached to the floor, you can move it at will
  • Using the table as a kitchen will make the kitchen look more charming in a simple way


  • This is a simple island type with a flat surface longer than a regular table and has no additional storage slots, washing area, or backsplash.

Base cabinet with additional table
The next kitchen island type is an island that is built using existing materials (a basic cabinet) and on top of it is added with table materials. Unfortunately, until now the electrical code has not indicated that the container has been built on the grounds that an island like this is a portable island.

The option of a built-in island with a floor mount is a permanent type. And when you have a 12 “x 24” table then you need an extra power outlet!


  • This type of built-in is an easy idea for homeowners to create for a small additional fee.


  • The back area often looks like a cabinet facing a wall and requires veneering.

Functional kitchen island types (with water and electricity)
This one is a choice of kitchen island which can be said to be the most bowling type for various preparatory activities. Because this type of island is often equipped with electricity, drainage, sink, and has a larger table area for preparation.


  • You could say this is the most charming choice of all types, or you can say as a kitchen in the kitchen!


  • The cost is very expensive because it requires additional pipes
  • Sink supply and drainage does not easily enter the main sink drain area

Kitchen island with dining area
The last kitchen island types are multi-functional areas that can be used for various preparations, and one side is used for eating food. This island is a perfect idea for those of you who want to show your cooking action to guests, with this type you don’t have to scream when you want to take food because you are face to face.


  • This one is an ergonomic choice with the optimal height for a cook (36 inches)


  • By having a dining area, on the other hand, you can reduce the cooking area. And maybe setting up a meal on the deck won’t work.

When you start considering the use of kitchen island types, it is imperative to understand how the size of your kitchen! Island types are best when you align them with existing sizes.

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