Best Durable Flooring for Kitchen

You must understand that the kitchen floor area is the area most easily damaged. From spills, puddles, hot falling equipment, and high traffic, you have to be very selective in flooring materials. The durability of the floor material itself is an important thing to consider when choosing a material. To get the best durable flooring for kitchen, you have to be more selective because not all materials can solve problems in the kitchen! This list of the best durable flooring for kitchen can be a clue for your selection.

7 List of Best Durable Flooring for Kitchen

7 List Of Best Durable Flooring for Kitchen

7 List Of Best Durable Flooring for Kitchen

Hardwood is a choice of the best durable flooring for kitchen with an attractive appearance. This floor is known for its attractiveness and durability in various areas of the house, but this material also has its own limitations for placement. Excess humidity is a big problem for hardwood floors, but over time hardwood has risen with better resistance to dealing with moisture in kitchen areas.

Its durability is good enough for the kitchen area because this floor has a modern sealer and polyurethane coating which gives it better durability. However, any type of hard floor is still a material prone to moisture and stain problems! You will get a decrease in quality when placing this floor in the kitchen area.

When encountering spills and splashes they will leave stains on the surface. However, when choosing a solid hardwood floor, a sanding project can be undertaken to update its appearance.

Ceramic Tiles
It is a material made from natural clay that is shaped, coated, and then fired at high temperatures. Ceramic tile is the best durable flooring for kitchen ever. Options like ceramic tile, porcelain are the ideas with the best resistance to areas of heat, humidity, and damage.

When treated properly, this material will last indefinitely with slight changes in appearance and function. Apart from being strong and durable, tiles come with many color options to consider. The choice of color, pattern, size, and shape is the most fun thing in using this floor.

A common problem with these floors is that they become very wall material under the feet, and too hard. Adding rugs or heaters is the best way to solve this problem (albeit at a small additional cost).

A choice of natural materials with the same appearance as hardwood, bamboo flooring is a better choice of materials than hardwood itself. Even for resistance to damp areas, bamboo flooring is a much better idea than hardwood. Which makes it very popular because this floor is an environmentally friendly material, but at a higher price.

For those who have a kitchen area on the ground level, concrete floors are the most reasonable choice at low cost and the best durable flooring for kitchen! Concrete slabs are sometimes readily available under the floor covering, these surfaces only need polishing, coloring, or a little care to make them look more stylish and eye-catching.

However, when you don’t have a slab, you can do the floor installation by using the subfloor first. The downside of this floor is almost the same as a ceramic tile floor (hard and very cold underfoot).

When it comes to the best materials for humid, cheap areas with an elegant look then vinyl is a must-have. Vinyl can be said to be one of the best durable flooring for kitchen that is resistant to damp areas, stains, spills, and easy cleaning. Find out all about vinyl flooring here!

Even some floor providers give a guarantee of up to 20 years, although it can last for more than 20 years this material sometimes wears out and fades in the 8th or 10th year (when used actively in the kitchen). However, if you want the best durable flooring for kitchen with easy installation, then vinyl flooring must be considered.

Even luxury vinyl is a better-quality flooring option and comes with more styles to choose from (imitating the stone and stone look).

This one material was a very popular choice for the kitchen area 50 years ago, but it has returned to today. Linoleum is an ingredient made from natural linseed oil that is environmentally friendly, easy to clean, and easy to care for. When treated properly, this floor can last for more than 40 years.

What makes them less desirable is that they get damaged when submerged in water for a long time. When your kitchen is flooded with plumbing leaks, your installation will break down instantly. And make sure to choose the best quality Linoleum, because linoleum with low quality will be susceptible to moisture in the kitchen.

Natural stone
A very hard choice (as hard as a rock), natural stone flooring is the solution for high humidity areas with the best durability! Materials like marble, granite, slate, travertine, and limestone are the best!

Natural stone is the best durable flooring for kitchen and will increase the selling value for your home. Its veined appearance, making this floor a completely unique choice. The drawback is porous! And this is quite a serious problem for kitchen areas with water and liquid penetration. Luckily having a quality rock sealer yearly app will solve this problem!

Different stone choices have different levels of strength too, from the level of hardness, durability, age! Use of slate or granite with proper sealing will last for decades. Travertine and sandstone wear out over time, but they can last for more than 10 years. And for polished marble, they will break down faster than other materials.

So, which option do you think is the best durable flooring for kitchen to take home?