Living Room Focal Point Ideas are often present as a feature that will naturally catch the eye of everyone who enters the room. The focal point is an architectural element of the house that may exist naturally or must be created. Some people who don’t have a natural focal point in the living room are obliged to create it to present a more comfortable and attractive appearance there. This living room focal point idea is a compilation of the best lists to bring a sense of comfort and appeal to the room. Keep reading for more inspiration.

Basically, the best living room focal point is a room feature that is directly visible when people enter the room, but they also don’t have to be the center of the room. So, these living room focal point ideas can be taken into consideration before creating a focal point!

7 Living Room Focal Point Ideas

Living Room Focal Point Ideas with Wall art
The first living room focal point idea is a focal point choice using wall art. A work of art is a perfect idea to add a pop of color and personality to your space. Bringing in wall art with a contrasting look is a great way of a focal point in your room. There are several ways that must be considered before starting:

  1. Find the areas that stand out the most in the living room, and make sure to have free areas to place your wall art.
  2. Use a wall art that is sizable, or a group of artists to create an art gallery on an accent wall.
  3. Use any accent tone you have in the room to get the perfect look for your existing wall art. This method will make the living room focal point with wall art even more integrated!

Putting the focus of the space over the sofa is a great way for you to try!

Living Room Focal Point Ideas with Feature Wall
Some people think that for now, the feature wall is past its age, but we think the feature wall still has the potential to be a good focal point. A good feature wall arrangement, using interesting items such as stone or wood can be a charming living room focal point idea and draws the eye of the room user directly to the existing wall. In using a feature wall, there are a number of things that you should pay attention to:

  • Maintaining a wall with just one wall, using too many features will create the impression of a space that is too busy and makes the eye jump from one area to another without relying on an existing item.
  • A feature wall can be created using layers of several different materials, such as charming stone or wood. The most common option in feature walls is to use contrasting tones for maximum appeal.

Expert Tips: A painted feature wall is easier to change when you feel bored, and it won’t cost you a fortune. When you’re trying to get color into a feature wall, be sure to try out the colors first!

Living Room Focal Point Ideas with Fireplace
A fireplace is a living room focal point idea with a natural nature (according to the style of the building), most homes in Australia or regions with tropical climates must have a fireplace in their living room. And this can be used as a focal point that really stands out for your room.

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If we talk about the appearance of existing space (whether with a burning fire or not). A fireplace that does not have a flame can be optimized in such a way as to have more appeal to the living room.

You can use a contrasting tone on the fireplace to catch the eye of visitors, or place a wall decoration such as a family photo or a decorative mirror above it for a more inviting look there.

Living room focal point ideas with furnishings
There’s a simple, impactful way to turn it into a living room focal point ideas! Try having a piece of furniture that stands out and placing it in the living room is a really working way to grab the eye of any user of the space.

When choosing one, you don’t have to stick to the use of large-size furniture like a full-size sofa! Even a round ottoman with a contrasting tone is enough to catch the eye of a space user.

The choice of color and size on the backrest is the key to the success of this item. You can also start by scattering cushions on the sofa and armchairs to tie in the colors, making sure not to use tones that are too weird and out of place.

Emphasize the height of the ceiling for Living Room Focal Point Ideas
For those owners of a fairly tall living room, then try to make it appear even greater! Show off the existing height and create a focal point there. Try using round pendants with unique shapes to draw the eye upwards.

You just need to hang it low enough to get into the perfect position to attract more attention. Placing the light too high will not work! They will just hang and are not optimal as a focal point.

Living Room Focal Point Ideas View (if You Have)
This is also a natural living room focal point idea that some homeowners rarely get. Those with architecture with large windows will definitely find a view that is quite interesting to flaunt.

When the large window is in the living room, all you have to do is arrange the furniture so that it is neatly arranged and faces the window. If privacy is an issue then you can use shutters with a sheer fabric to filter out the light to come up with a dramatic impression.

Bookshelf for Living Room Focal Point Ideas
Many people find the living room to be the most sensible place to store and display existing decorative or collectible items. And we totally agree with this opinion! A living room focal point idea that is no less interesting is to use a bookshelf to partition a room or as a place to show off some of your favorite items.

In using a bookshelf as a living room focal point for ideas, you only need to follow the rules for using 2/3 or 1/3 of the existing shelf capacity. This method will maximize the existing appearance and create a more comfortable and beautiful appearance to enjoy.

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