Basically, every design project must have clear objectives and stick to the design rules that apply! Every room must have its own rules, and that also applies to the bathroom.

When a bathroom design project is underway, you need to know the Basic Bathroom Designs that are there to ease your project! In this project, ensuring that the bathroom can function properly and look great is the key to the success of your decorating project.

To save your expenses, we have compiled a variety of smart ideas for decorating a bathroom. Here are some tricks that can be used as a guide to creating the best bathroom for you.


The first Basic Bathroom Design is to plan the design that you are going to do! Ensuring that the bathroom can function properly and serve the various needs of the user is the main goal of this decorating project!

Some houses will probably have a master (guest) bathroom, and here you should have everything you need! From the shower room, toilet, washbasin, and also the dressing area. The essence of the planning principle is to think about the various needs in a room and to know where space will be aimed (for personal or shared with guests).


Think about what you will be doing in the next few years! Is your design project aimed at satisfying your design tastes? Or is it aimed at home sales in the next few years? This sounds really weird, doesn’t it? But we will never know what will happen, and perhaps the safest idea when designing a bathroom is to plan carefully for future sales.

This Basic Bathroom Design aims to facilitate your sales when you need it, and in this design concept, you have to stay away from existing trends and do a basic design to facilitate your sales project later.

When you try to keep up with existing trends, it can waste a lot of money! Because it can be said that the existing trends can change every year. Following the trend is the most sensible idea when you want to use the bathroom for yourself and your family (don’t want to sell it).

Storage Area

The next Basic Bathroom Design is having an adequate storage area! Storage should be a priority in any design project. Especially in the bathroom, you have to make sure that every piece of furniture or item in it has a special place to avoid scattering around.

8 Basic Bathroom Design Must Know 1

8 Basic Bathroom Design Must Know

Given that the bathroom has many specialized areas such as toilets, sinks, shower areas, and so on. You, as a homeowner, definitely want to get the items you need easily, that’s one of the things you have to do when decorating a bathroom.

Choices of must-have storage items include the storage area on the toilet, open shelves, medicine cabinets, and so on. The idea is to give various items a fixed place to make them easy to find.

Natural Lighting

Keep in mind that not all homes have bathrooms that are flushed with natural light. When you can let natural light flow into the bathroom, then you are one of the lucky people! We incorporate natural light into the Basic Bathroom Design because it has many benefits not only for the design but also for the health of the user.

Natural light is an element that will reduce the growth of mold and mildew as well as an element that will enhance the appearance of your room. So, if you don’t have one try to include natural light (if possible).

Artificial Lighting

In designing, we will not stop at natural lighting, but artificial lighting also has a big impact on enhancing the atmosphere and appearance of the room. In design projects, artificial light is often presented as a ceiling light, but given that the bathroom has more of a function your task should have more than just hanging lighting.

Apart from hanging lighting, you should also provide a light source in the mirror area that removes shadows around the face. Options with lights flanking the mirror will give a deeper impression to your room. To enhance the atmosphere, you can also add additional hanging lights to the bathtub area, and additional tracking lights for a dramatic look in the room.


The next Basic Bathroom Design is to provide adequate ventilation in the room. Having ventilation is not only intended to provide a comfortable feeling for space users but also ensures that the bathroom is free of mold and in its best condition.

One of the items that can provide good air circulation in the bathroom is a fan! However, when investing make sure to pay attention to the noise level as well as the existing exhaust.

The exhaust can be measured by the amount of air the fan generates (in cubic feet per minute or Cfm). At a minimum, you need to have 50 cfm intermittent or 20 cfm continuous to get good air circulation. And make sure to choose a fan that is 0.3 sones or 4 sones for the noise level!

Make sure the soil walls are moisture

Remember that the bathroom is the most humid room in your house! And surely the water will end up on your walls, so the next Basic Bathroom Design is to make sure that you have a strong wall to withstand the moisture in the room.

For that, try using satin or semi-gloss paint to protect the walls! This method will be more effective and make the walls last longer than the existing moisture. Apart from that, you can also invest in wall tiles as wall tiles can last longer than other types of wall cladding.


Maybe this one is not included in the Basic Bathroom Design, but for us having plants in the bathroom is a good thing to do. The right choice of plants will improve the atmosphere in the room, and give your room better air quality.

For those of you who want to add plants to your bathroom, the choice of low-light bathroom plants can be your consideration!

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