Many people are fascinated by the Tropical garden which has a romantic feel to relax and gather with family. People who hear “TROPICAL” will surely imagine a relaxing area with soothing shady trees with eye-catching flower colors. You need to know that creating this garden doesn’t require spending a fortune on pro workers, with these DIY tropical garden ideas you can create it even easier!

Apart from thinking that creating a tropical garden costs a lot of money, some people also think that tropical gardens need more maintenance, and this is simply not true! If you make a regular plan, then the tropical garden does not require much maintenance.

When planning a DIY tropical garden, you are not only planning the appearance of the garden but also by choosing the type of plants so that maintenance in the garden will be easier to do.

A tropical garden is a very tantalizing idea! With these DIY tropical garden ideas, you can create a tropical garden in your home without overpricing the pro workers.

8 DIY Tropical Garden Ideas

DIY tropical garden based on climate and soil!

The most important thing before planting a variety of existing crops is knowing what the climate is like and what kind of soil you have! This is because some tropical plants choose their own place to grow and this is closely related to the existing climate.

Some plants like to grow in hot areas, and some can withstand cold temperatures!

If you live in a country or region that has winter, planting the plants in a pot and mulching will make it easy for you to move the plants indoors when winter comes!

In addition, knowing the intensity of the lighting requirements of each plant variety is also an important factor to support its growth. Some plants like direct and continuous sunlight, but some prefer lightly lighted with a filter.

DIY tropical garden layout

If you want to create a tropical garden that is completely elegant and comfortable without having to hire a pro, then DIY tropical garden ideas you can do is to look for planting inspiration on the internet!

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration, and you can explore it for free! Explore and find the best choice of garden arrangement for you, that way you will have a clear picture for designing a garden.

Don’t forget to create hot and shaded areas! Some plants do not like direct exposure to the sun. Some plants prefer the shade of big trees to keep growing, this will make some plants grow better.

Pergola is a tantalizing idea to provide shade, but for a tropical garden, shady trees are an idea to enhance the existing look.

DIY Tropical Garden Ideas Comfortable sitting area

Do you think you have succeeded in creating your own tropical garden? If so, don’t forget to bring in some comfortable seating to enjoy it. The DIY tropical garden is not only creating a visually appealing garden, but you also have to create a garden that you can enjoy together with your family and friends.

If possible, a gazebo in the middle of the garden can be an alternative option for you. However, a hammock and a few chaise lounges, and a mini table are enough to let you relax and enjoy your hard work!

Bold colored flowers

Having flowers in a bold color will make your tropical garden even more charming! With flowers that are more colorful and brighter, you will get the look of a true tropical garden.

To include flowers, try to get flowers that have bright colors and unique shapes. With these flowers, the perfection of a tropical look will present itself!

Choose your plants!

Keep in mind that a tropical-style garden has a look that resembles a rainforest, you will find lots of plants on each side of the garden. When you do this project, let the existing plants blend without having to differentiate them from one another.

Let different species join in one crowd and create a harmonious look with existing color variants.

When it comes to plants, don’t just use many types of plants but having plants with large, lush foliage is the best option for you. Ferns and shrubs are great for a private tropical garden, but having a few plants with large, thick leaves is also an option to consider.

A garden with large foliage, striking colors, and unique shapes will be the main attraction of your garden!

Don’t forget the water feature

A tropical garden would not be complete without a water feature. There are many ways you can do it, options such as a koi fish pond, mini waterfall, birdbath, or just a mini pond are some of the options for your personal garden.

However, having a water feature that continues to flow is a perfect idea to enhance the charm and comfort of your tropical garden. The sound of water splashing and a gentle breeze is the perfect combination for a comfortable feeling in your garden!


If you like to be in the garden at night, try using rope lighting hooked up from the patio to the trees, and spotlights that highlight a focal point or some trees this way will create a more dramatic look to your garden. In fact, string lights and spotlights don’t cost a fortune!

Tropical gardens often come with stone stepping, find out how to do this easily!


The last thing for this DIY tropical garden is to take care of the plants! Indeed, when you pay attention to plant selection, you will find some plants with ease of care (not without maintenance). The most important thing for keeping plants alive is to make sure they are doing well, apart from water, make sure they don’t have dead leaves! When this happens, the only thing to do is prune it!

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