Tidying up the kitchen is one of the most troublesome jobs and also takes up more time. Not only for a standard-sized room but tidying up a small kitchen is also quite a hassle. For those who live in apartments, small houses, condos, knowing the most effective ways to Declutter small kitchen will be of great help. For the best arrangement in the kitchen keep reading and get more inspiration here.

8 Clever Tips Declutter small kitchen

1. Declutter Small Kitchen with Evaluating equipment
The first thing you can do in the Declutter Small Kitchen project is to do a little evaluation of the furniture in the room. Kitchen utensils and gadgets are items that will make it easier for you when cooking. However, when the space scale is smaller some of the equipment can be very cumbersome to store.

So, it is perfectly natural to reduce the variety of items that are in your small kitchen! As this project progresses, consider your cooking assignment do you need this equipment or not? Like a special apple cutter, but very rarely used because a kitchen knife can do it too!

And for gadgets or utensils, make sure you do periodic testing to ensure the functionality of your equipment. This test can be done for at least 3 months, do you need the item during this period or not? If not, then the best way is to sell or donate!

2. Minimize the use of cutlery
For Declutter small kitchens, an equally effective way is to store enough cutlery! Plates, bowls, cups, and various other utensils should be stored based on daily needs only. Although tableware can be very tempting on the market, items like this can become occupants of a cupboard that take up quite a bit of space.

If you often do large banquets, store cutlery can be done elsewhere. This method aims to make the inside of the wardrobe freer and can be used to store other items.

3. Multitask With your pans and pans
Each person’s needs for pans and pans can vary (depending on the style of cooking). However, the fact is that every homeowner does not need more than 2 pans and a pot for cooking. Instead of using multiple places to fit multiple pans or pans, it is better to use a larger skillet and pan.

Large or small pans have the same function, only their capacity is different!

4. Declutter Small Kitchen with Know Duplication
For the Declutter small kitchen, we will rely on how large the space is and how many items are in our room. When you bring in some new items, such as a microwave do not try to store your old microwave. Apart from taking up more space, it is very ineffective! A small kitchen can never accommodate many items at once, let alone duplicate items. So, it is better to throw it or donate it.

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5. Limit use of bulk items
For large kitchens, decorative items will work but what about small kitchens? A small kitchen is better suited to appear more practical and functional. Just as a large cookie jar can make a charming filling in a large kitchen, but for a smaller kitchen this jar will only take up more space. And the Declutter small kitchen project will never go well!

However, you can still maximize the look of your kitchen with some wall art, magnets on the walls, or floating shelves on several sides of the wall.

6. Make sure to store your cooking utensils
When storing items for cooking, make sure you save the items you are using now not the items you are dreaming of (cooking someday)! Like when you rarely bake, storing cupcake tins is a great way to clutter up your cabinet.

We recommend that you borrow items that are less functional or rarely used, instead of buying them (rarely used) and take up more space in the cabinet.

7. Use functional products
To get a neat kitchen, the next small kitchen Declutter is to invest in items that can do more than 1 job. Like a mixer and/or a mixer with contents, you can choose one, not both! Or when you have dishes that are oven or fridge safe, then using them for storage can minimize the use of more plastic storage containers!

8. Clean food
When you have a small kitchen, you may not be able to get more cabinets or separate kitchens. Which requires you to store various cooking utensils and food in one existing cabinet. When this happens, Declutter the small kitchen from foods that are no longer eaten or have expired.

Checking it once a month can be a great way to make sure no food expires and you will also have more space for storing your various furniture.