9 Best Plants for Hanging Garden Must Consider 1

9 Best Plants for Hanging Garden Must Consider

If you are one of the people who likes and wants a garden at home but does not have enough area for planting. Try lifting your plants and getting them in a hanging basket or pot! Confused as to what plants this method is suitable for? These best plants for hanging gardens can guide you to get the best plants to hang on your mini terrace!

Choosing basket plants can be based on color, variety, and personal training habits. So, what kind of training do you enjoy? what is a long trailing with tall flowers? Or around the flower in a striking tone?

Here is a list of the best plants for hanging gardens to consider.

9 Best Plants for Hanging Garden Must Consider 2


The first Best Plants for Hanging Garden is nasturtium, this plant is an easy choice to grow from seeds and can reach a height of 100cm. Comes with many color variations that can be obtained, by using it you will get a more colorful and eye-catching terrace appearance.

Variety choices such as “TROIKA SPOTTY DOTTY” will grow to about 1 meter tall and provide a very striking golden-yellow flower display. Whereas options such as “DWARF COMPACT MIXED” varieties are smaller, but still fully stock your hanging pot. Meanwhile, the Nasturtium “CHAMELEON” comes with an orchid display that blooms with a central yellow color and turns pink in a few days, a very unique phenomenon but totally real!


This is a very exotic flower dripping all summer long! Fuchsias are the Best Plants for Hanging Gardens which have great strength which can be stored in various places (which are free from frost during winter) and can grow well the following season.

They’re a much-loved plant as well as a popular tough bush to fill your baskets with!

Begonia Tuberhybrida

These are the Best Plants for Hanging Gardens that are easiest to spot as they have large flower displays dangling from thick stems! This flower is the most popular of the basket-dwelling varieties. The ease of growth will allow you to have a colorful season that is just gorgeous!

An option with “APRICOT SHADES IMPROVED” will give you a drop-down view from a pot over 45cm and continue to support whatever the weather! Meanwhile, Begonia “NON-STOP MOCCA” is a more colorful flower with lovely contrast with darker leaves and comes with double flowers up to 20cm larger!


This one plant sure comes with exhilarating colors! Not only that, this plant comes with cultivation. They are present as one of the plants that are attracting more attention in the existing hanging gardens. The faster-growing power causes them to grow and spread in different directions, creating the look of flowers spilling out of the pot and framing them! Options like “UNION JACK MIXED” or “QUARTZ MIXED” are best for your hanging plantings.


These are the Best Plants for a Hanging garden that all garden lovers will know! This plant is often referred to as a summer bedding plant that is resistant to drought. They are quite austere plants and do well in hanging baskets that are often neglected to water.

This plant comes in many colors to choose from, but the bright red option is what many homeowners enjoy the most. The “RAINBOW MIXED” option is best with a larger flower display to fill your existing hanging pot. When they flood the pot, they can grow to at least 45 cm and below!


Best Plants for Hanging Garden is one plant that is resistant to dry areas which makes it perfect for planting in baskets or hanging pots! They are more often planted in the hanging method because of the lure of always flooding the pot with a ball-like shape.


This one can be called the Best Plants for Hanging Garden which has a petunia-like appearance or better known as “MINITUNIA”. This basket plant comes with lush flowers that are getting more and more enjoyable from year to year! A long-lasting, strong, flower-growing plant that is tolerant of summer rain and still does well in hot sun or shady areas.

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Its flexibility is one of the main advantages of choosing it as a hanging plant on your terrace. Choices like “MINI ROSEBUD ROMANTIC PEACHY” make for a whole lot of fun with the addition of gorgeous peach and pink blossoms!


Create a colorful summer with this one flower! These flowers will flow over the hanging baskets and make a gorgeous look as if the patio was it is own. They present lots of flowers that are small in size and look like a block of color when viewed from afar.

Options such as “RAGATTA MIDNIGHT BLUE” give a charming blue floral look.


Petunia has become a favorite choice of flowers in recent years, comes in many color variants, but the choice of a single color is the main attraction for planting in your hanging baskets or pots. Best Plants for Hanging Garden with “NIGHT SKY” petunias is a favorite choice of growers.

In addition, two-colored petunias also captivate homeowners with their very charming appearance and can also increase the charm of your terrace.

This list of Best Plants for Hanging Garden is a few plants that are perfect for you to consider, and they are the most preferred choices for gardeners.

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