9 Small Kitchen Organization Tips

9 Small Kitchen Organization Tips

The small kitchen area is often a very effective stressor for various groups. Basically, having a small kitchen is not something that just happens to some people, but many homeowners also experience it. Kitchen arrangement is not based on how big the room you have, but on how creative and how you organize it. These small kitchen organization tips will be your guide to getting the best arrangement in the smallest area of the house.

Small kitchen organization tips

General Small kitchen organization tips.
Like arranging a normal or large-scale room, when you want to start a small kitchen setting, it’s a good idea to complete general settings in your room such as:

  • Keep the counters as clear as possible
  • Keep various items in the back of the cabinet (in the cupboard, behind the door)
  • Get special areas for some of your equipment

Some of the statements above are ways to minimize your work and tackle the potential for a messier space.

Here are some in-depth tricks for organizing your small kitchen.

Small kitchen organization tips with Shelf Risers
The first thing to do is to maximize your shelf! We love how shelf risers work for the kitchen because with them we can get additional shelves inside our shelves. And with this item, you can maximize the storage of various items such as:

  1. Coffee cup
  2. Dinner plates and salads
  3. Pantry items, spices, Tupperware, and so on.

Using shelf risers is the best way to get the most out of your shelf (in a variety of sizes available).

Put the skillet aside
Now let’s move to the existing frying pan and pan. In reality, when you don’t set them up carefully, the griddle and the pennant are a pair of items that really drain space in a small-scale space. Storing it in the cabinet is possible, but it still takes up a lot of space. We prefer to use specially made racks for storing pans and pans.

With a shelf like this you can even store various other items such as pans, muffing pans, and so on. Mounting them upright with a wire separator can really help setup in your small space, they are also very functional!

Small kitchen organization tips Hooks in the Cabinet
A very useful but often overlooked small kitchen organization tip is the area in the back of your cabinet. This area is often left alone, but in fact, adding hooks is a simple way to make it work better for your small kitchen setup.

Inserting a small hook behind the cabinet door can be used to store items such as potholders, rags and a few other items. In this way, you can also maximize the appearance of the room to make it look bigger.

Small kitchen organization tips On top of the cabinet
In order to keep a small kitchen working properly, it is always a good idea to be creative with various storage places. Try to make use of the area above your cabinets for storage of various potholders, as well as some cleaning items. Here are some items to consider:

  • On top of the cabinet for bakeware storage
  • Use cabinet paper towel holders to minimize clutter on your desk
  • Add a wall shelf for storing spices
  • And add a towel bar

Small kitchen organization tips with Use Lazy Susans
Consider bringing Lazy Susans in your kitchen! Using Lazy Susans into Small kitchen organization tips to make the room really neat and more organized. This item will make it easier for us to pick up various equipment and can be placed in the corner of the cupboard properly.

Arrange Drawer
Small kitchens often rely on optimization in the drawer, so it’s no surprise that many homeowners make various optimizations to make their drawers work at their best. Adding bamboo drawer dividers, wooden knife blocks are an effective way to make the drawers work better.

How To Arrangement Small Kitchen With Easy Step

On top of the fridge
You really have to pay attention again! You have more free space that hasn’t been optimized, take a look at the top of your fridge. Use this area to store the various equipment you have! Add a basket on top to tackle a variety of items at hand, your basket will make it easier to store and lift.

The basket on top of the fridge is truly spectacular for optimizing displays as well as being an item for an excellent storage addition.

Plastic bags
You must have lots of plastic bags in your kitchen, they are easy to fold and store but we think folding and storing them is a waste. Instead of storing them, we advise you to make them, the pile of plastic bags in the kitchen will never add to the appearance of the kitchen even make it very bad.

To keep Small kitchen organization tips organized, you can start by minimizing various clutter in the room. Try to remove various items that are not important (rarely used). Then arrange the various utensils that are often used for cooking, make sure the equipment is easy to get and always in place!

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