All About Bamboo Flooring Ideas You Should Know

All About Bamboo Flooring Ideas You Should Know

Bamboo Flooring Ideas

Bamboo flooring ideas is one of the choices of natural materials that will increase the selling value for your home, like other floorings this material also has pros and cons to consider. They also have properties that almost resemble wood floors that are easy to scratch, and are also susceptible to cracking in areas with high humidity or extreme temperature changes.

So, before starting a home remodeling project with bamboo floors, it’s a good idea to read this article to understand bamboo floors and the various factors that make them worth considering.

All About Bamboo Flooring Ideas

All About Bamboo Flooring Ideas You Should Know
All About Bamboo Flooring Ideas You Should Know

Bamboo flooring ideas?
Basically, many people think that bamboo is a type of tree, but they are wrong! Bamboo is a type of grass that grows quickly and has a tough texture. These floors have a behavior similar to wooden floors, even in the way they are finished. However, they have better resistance to moisture than hardwood floors.

What’s even more fun about these ingredients is, they can be harvested repeatedly every 5-6 years. Much better than hardwood which takes at least around 20 years to ripen and harvest.


  • Renewable Material
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Refinished can be done
  • Increase the sale value of the house


  • Scratched
  • Extreme moisture can cause cracks to appear
  • Adhesive is poisonous

Bamboo flooring ideas Type

When you want to bring bamboo flooring home, make sure you know the type of floor and how to make it:

  • Twisted bamboo; Making it by shredding the bamboo stalks which then become a small strand and compressed into sheets with heat and resin binder. Then cut into a board shape to be used as a building base material. This shape comes in a choice of tongue and groove on the nails or a float board on the top layer.
  • Horizontal Bamboo Flooring; The way it is made is by cutting the strands with thin strips that are glued into aboard. This floor is completed with granules, with fiber rods that extend across the floor. When compared with the twisted type, this bamboo is not as strong and hard as the twisted but for the horizontal type, it is more attractive.
  • Engineered bamboo; is bamboo made by folding a thin layer of bamboo onto plywood (MDF). This floor has almost the same hardness level as engineered wood with the same installation. It usually comes with a click and lock board and floats on a foamed coating. You could say this is a type of bamboo floor that is cheap (not long-lived), and cannot be re-polished.

Bamboo flooring ideas is Environmentally friendly
Bamboo flooring ideas are an environmentally friendly material, environmentally conscious home owners will definitely choose this floor as it is a fully renewable resource floor. When compared with hardwood floors, bamboo flooring is better for harvesting without having to wait for decades.

Bamboo stalks that grow quickly are the best thing about this material, even when cutting them down they will continue to grow and replenish themselves for quick harvest.

Despite its reputation as an environmentally friendly material, the manufacturing process poses other problems. Bamboo floorboards are made by slicing the stems of grass plants and compressing them back into the pulleys with heat, pressing, and bonding with resin (this is a material that contains urea-formaldehyde which can pollute the air).

The level of adhesive available and the amount of toxin that can be removed can vary, depending on how the bamboo board is made. The option with bamboo flooring at a lower price will probably have higher levels of formaldehyde.

Don’t forget about the fees you have to pay for these Bamboo flooring ideas. These materials mostly come at about the same cost as hardwood floors. When browsing provider stores, you can find floors for anywhere from $ 2- $ 10 per square foot. With the cost of installing the floor the same as hardwood floors. Installing high-quality floors can cost around $ 9.50 per square foot (pro included).

Caring for and repairing
What is even more fun is how bamboo is cared for, its easy maintenance makes it very popular. You only need to vacuum and sweep regularly to ensure that no small particles stick to the floor surface. And wipe with a damp cloth to keep the sparkle of the bamboo floor itself.

If we compare it with hardwood, bamboo flooring has better resistance in damp areas. It has even better hardness, meaning bamboo is a better choice for resisting scratches and dents.

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While they are better than hardwood floors, that doesn’t mean they are completely waterproof and scratch resistant! Protecting it from water and scratches must also be done considering that bamboo is one of the organic materials that can mushroom when it comes to excess water. Even the colors will also change when they find sunlight continuously throughout the day.

When the bamboo starts to lose color, scratch a lot, or get damaged you can glaze it to update the look of the floor itself.

Bamboo flooring ideas make trendy flooring choices and enhance the look of any space. Bamboo floors are an option with an impression that resembles a hardwood floor even though they are still different. This floor is the best idea for those who want a completely different look. And it is suitable for a variety of home styles especially for contemporary styles.

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