All About Laminate Flooring That Must Be Considered

All About Laminate Flooring That Must Be Considered

Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors have come on residential floors in the last few decades, coming as a choice of floors with ease of installation, traction, and durability. With the development of technology, making laminate flooring has sharper high-definition imaging, with deeper embossing, neater seams, and various innovations. However, there is nothing perfect in this world laminate flooring also has some disadvantages that you should know before installation. To assist you in making consideration in choosing the type of floor you can read this article to find out more in detail about laminate flooring from installation, cleaning, durability, and others.

All About Laminate Flooring

All About Laminate Flooring That Must Be Considered

Floor Strength


  • Ease of installation (DIY project)
  • Affordable Cost
  • Stain-resistant
  • Anti-allergy


Lack of floor


  • Vulnerable to damp
  • Has a fake look
  • Loud and noisy
  • Has a mixture of chemicals


To get a plastic laminate floor you can spend around $ 1- $ 3 per square foot with a large square home center. However, sometimes you can also spend $ 10- $ 14 square for some designer products. When you come up with a lot of research, you will get a good laminate floor with a budget of $ 2- $ 4 (more affordable). The difference in price can be obtained from the thickness of the wear layer and also the printed layer.
With the ease of flooring, using professionals will not take up much of your budget. With an average price of around $ 6 per square foot. The choice of laminate flooring becomes an option for cheaper investment of various types of flooring.
Laminate floors have ease in cleaning, using a moist mop is enough to clean the floor, or for maximum results, you can use a laminate floor cleaner. The laminate floor doesn’t even need waxing for cleaning. Avoid excessive use of water when mopping the floor because it can seep into the seams between the boards and make the floor swollen. Laminate floors don’t like standing water, so bathrooms and kitchens are two areas that you should consider installing laminate floors.
This floor has wear and tear that will protect photography at the bottom and make the floor resistant to scratches, dents, and stains. Many manufacturers guarantee 10 more years for existing wear coatings, and for stains, you can easily clean them. Whereas sand and refinishes are the weakness of the laminate floor. And when you find scratches that are too deep, too worn, and curved to eat you have to replace it.
➮Floor Design
Laminate floors have an appearance that resembles wood, stone, and several other natural materials. Laminate flooring is different from hardwood flooring which will sometimes have imperfect pieces and this must be bunged, laminate floors tend to be more perfect and there are no defects like those on wooden floors. Laminate flooring has the same quality and appearance on each board with embossing that will add to the illusion and also the wood grain.
The appearance that resembles natural materials will instantly disappear when you approach the floor and examine it more closely. This floor does not have an appearance that is really the same as the original wooden floor, because of more repetition of tone. And laminate flooring is not an option that will provide additional selling points for your home.
This floor is truly a choice with speed and ease of installation. You can even easily install on weekends, lots of laminate floors with a tongue and groove system that will make it easy for you to install “Click and Click” All you need to do is join the boards and hook each other from end to end.
This floor is commonly used as a “floating floor” with interlocking boards, with a solid mat located at the bottom layer without the need for glue in the installation. Even the installation of the floor is a simple step by laying the foam base and joining the rows of boards from the edge of the floor.
Choice of Laminate Floor
There are many choices of laminate floor brands that you can get out there, but we have a few recommendations:
  1. Pergo
  2. Bruce
  3. Shaw Industries
  4. Quick-Step
Laminated floors have a hard texture, and most installations have a strong foam underlay and make the floor feel a little springy. The existing underlayment gives a hollow and sometimes slippery sound. However, in recent times floor manufacturers have developed wear layers with slip textures. And even this floor can generate static electricity but you can anticipate it by keeping the floor clean.
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Laminate flooring is also a choice of floor for those who have allergies because the laminated floors can trap dust and allergens in it with easy cleaning. Laminate flooring is a good choice for those who have a limited budget and want the appearance of wood or other natural materials. However, unfortunately, this floor does not raise the selling price for your home later.

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