All About Marble Flooring Ideas You Must Know

All About Marble Flooring Ideas You Must Know

Marble Flooring Ideas

Who doesn’t know marble floors? The floor, which is famous for its beautiful appearance, is the dream of homeowners. Metamorphosis over the years, heat, and pressure generated from this floor makes it produce a diverse look that is compact and easy to polish for a shiny look. Marble flooring ideas are high-end, durable materials with easy maintenance, and can even be used in humid areas like the kitchen or bathroom. However, before you enter marble flooring ideas into the material list for home decor, it’s a good idea to read this article.

All About Marble Flooring Ideas You Must Know

All About Marble Flooring Ideas You Must Know
All About Marble Flooring Ideas You Must Know

Marble flooring ideas come with many color options.
When choosing marble for flooring or other surface areas, you will have many options. Marble tiles will provide you with a wide variety of colors and patterns for surfaces with lines of contrasting tones which are often referred to as veins. When you come to the shop to buy marble, you will be presented with more than 100 different types of marble. However, there are 3 main categories that can be identified by their appearance.

  1. Carrara: This is a marble with a white color that has been around for centuries in ancient Greece or Rome, this marble comes with a large pillar or a statue with a unique appearance. For now, Carrara Marble is divided into the light to warmer white tones, with a medium to light gray veined surface.
  2. Calacatta: A white marble that resembles Carrara, but the color of this stone is closer to pure white with dark veins that appear in contrasting tones.
  3. Breccia: If you want a warmer tone look for your marble floor, then this option is the best. marble flooring ideas breccia comes in deeper (warm) tones such as gold, dark brown, and also red. Dark gray and black veins often come as an added decoration and include more perfectly rounded lines like bubbles under the surface.

Marble is not always shiny
Many homeowners assume that marble flooring ideas are a shiny material choice (always). However, basically, the placement of the marble floor is also a factor in the appearance of the floor.

  1. Polished marble: This is a marble flooring option with a high gloss finish, which is obtained after grinding the surface using a polishing machine. Polishing will accentuate the veins on the floor and create a more luxurious feel. When you have it, doing regular maintenance is the best thing to keep the appearance for years.
  2. Honed Marble: Polished marble flooring ideas give a smooth and even look to the floor, but not as shiny as a honed marble floor. Honed marble gives a more durable sparkle with a glossy finish (often considered the best choice for marble floor finishes).

Has a smaller size
Marble floors come in many sizes, from a small square measuring 2×2 inches to a slab measuring 6×8 feet. However, for residential work size marble tiles will only measure 2×2 feet. If using a large plate, it will be heavier and requires special heating.

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Large slabs are often used in commercial and public buildings, with a thickness of about 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch, while commercial slabs can be up to 2 inches thick. In addition, quality also varies on the basis of the design and surface density. Several factors that can be considered in determining the quality of tiles include:

  • The tiles have mesh support that is attached to the top of the fiberglass resin. Often the bottom edge of the marble tile is not well dense and breaks easily.
  • Low-quality tiles often show filled areas. When looking at the tile the look will feel very ordinary, but when you rotate the floor about 45 degrees you will find a dull and irregular area of the tile with resin-treated holes.
  • Marble tiles that have a streak will run the risk of breaking in areas with heavy furniture.

The shine of marble can be very slippery when wet
Unfortunately, marble flooring ideas are not suitable for homes with elderly residents because accidents could happen there. For that, when you have elderly family members, adding rugs to certain areas must be done to minimize slipping.

Anti-slip products on marble floors are designed to make floors safer without reducing the glare of the floor. The natural finishing of honed marble floors will be better than polished marble floors in terms of safety (slipping).

Marble flooring ideas are a choice of materials at a high price.
Even though marble comes with a variety of prices, because the installation is quite difficult, having low-quality marble can be very expensive because it requires experts to do it. The cheapest marble tiles come in at around $ 4 per square foot and higher-end tiles can go for as much as $ 10- $ 45 per square foot.

The price of marble varies due to its density appearance and grain pattern (fine grain is more elegant than heavy grain). In addition, the bigger the tile, the more expensive the price. Apart from the price of the tile, the installation also requires a professional to do it for a starting price of $ 3- $ 9 per square foot (based on the area you live in).

To maintain the appearance of marble floors, you need to do daily cleaning, watch for spills, and perform regular sealing! Although marble flooring ideas are a durable choice, you need regular maintenance to keep the floor beautiful. Here are some tips for maintaining the appearance of marble floors:

  • Sweep every day to minimize sand on the surface (because it can scratch the floor).
  • Wipe up spills as quickly as possible, do not let acidic liquids spill out as this will leave stains
  • Perform the sealing using a good stone finish. And when you find a porous floor, then re-sealing is the best way.

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