All About Open Floor Plan Ideas To Consider

All About Open Floor Plan Ideas To Consider

Open Floor Plan Ideas

Open floor plan ideas have become one of the architectural trends that have dominated new homes since 1990 and have continued to develop until now. This trend is one of the choices for a large home overhaul project with a combined end result of several spaces which are often a combination of the kitchen + dining room, dining room + living room, or it could be these three rooms.

However, what exactly are Open floor plan ideas? An open floor plan is a decoration that refers to several spaces combined to create a space that appears larger and more comfortable without any obstructions. Its appearance that feels bigger makes the space more open with large traffic in it.

All About Open Floor Plan Ideas

All About Open Floor Plan Ideas To Consider
All About Open Floor Plan Ideas To Consider

Configure Open floor plan ideas
Open floor plan ideas do not mean you have to group each room into one and does not mean that you have to completely eliminate partitions between spaces. The view of the room with an open plan is a combination of several common spaces, and the most often combined are

  • Kitchen with dining area; The dining room with the kitchen is the perfect combination. Often times the kitchen island is used as a separator between these two spaces, and the results are really great!
  • Dining room with living room; Using an open floor plan for the living and dining area is another clever way to bring space together. You just need to use a divider like a small staircase or use color to define any space you have.
  • The kitchen dining room and living room; Combining these three spaces is no less interesting. However, usually combining all three rooms requires that you have a fairly large area with clear identification between the spaces.

Open Floor Plan Development
Open floor plan ideas are one of the concepts that has recently emerged, this plan was present after World War II. When formality takes the path for a more casual look. This plan provides flexibility by reconfiguring the appearance of the room with a few changes as well as growing the family which makes it easy to monitor children’s movements.

Updates to materials and construction make Open floor plan ideas a more practical choice. The steel structural beams, central system, drywall, and cinder-block construction make this look more pleasing and efficient.

Best Living Room Flooring Ideas To Consider

The most obvious challenge of the Open floor plan ideas lies in its slow but steady changes. Its use is an informal choice with a sense of comfort. However, with this appearance the home owner must always make appearance arrangements and keep the space tidy. With an open floor plan, it will allow all individual activities to be maintained in the room. The use of this plan is perfect for playing areas with children as well as large parties in one room.

Pro Open floor plan ideas

  • Having a clearer level of traffic, without any doors to open, your movement can be easier without the slightest obstacle.
  • Have better socialization and communication. You can even accompany guests while they are preparing their dinner
  • Lighting is better
  • Become a way to increase the selling value of the house. Open floor plan ideas are the choice buyers want and are a way to increase the sale value of your home.
  • It’s easier to supervise children.
  • With completely free space, it will be easier for you to rearrange the various existing furniture.

Cons Open floor plan ideas

  • Being a more expensive option, especially for rooms with high ceilings that drain more energy. Heating or cooling one room can have an impact on other rooms, considering we don’t have a dividing wall here.
  • Higher costs, without this force space divider would depend on expensive steel and beams having a support layer.
  • Sound control is poor, blocking the sound generated from one room can be a very real problem. Because we don’t have a wall to block it. The use of soundproof carpets can be a way to minimize noise, but they are less effective.
  • Having no privacy, Open floor plan ideas are perfect for various social activities. However, hiding this secret spice won’t work.

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