Avoid Common Mistakes When Living Room Furniture Setting

Living Room Furniture

When decorating the room, when we feel the suitability and flexibility in the design we feel that it is very appropriate to be there. However, mistakes never escape the work of every human being. This is also about furniture settings. Empty space indeed becomes a canvas that forces our imagination to go wild.
Everything feels very easy, even in the arrangement of this furniture is very natural. And you will find this error when the work is almost done and even done! So what should be done? Do we have to remodel our spatial plan immediately? No!!! This will take a lot of time!
To facilitate you and avoid various fatal mistakes when arranging furniture, it helps you read this article and you will get ease in doing your job. After knowing what are the mistakes in the arrangement of furniture, this will look easier and more enjoyable.

Mistake Living Room Furniture Setting

Avoid Common Mistakes When Living Room Furniture Setting min
Avoid Common Mistakes When Living Room Furniture Setting
Error when decorating and arranging furniture:
1. Don’t have the conversation area
This is a mistake that is often encountered when we bring in furniture and do the arrangement we may tend to forget the function of our room! Make sure guests and people who are there do not need to make a loud voice to talk with friends across the table.

Make a conversation area should always be done before making arrangements, these are tips for making the living room more comfortable with warm chat without having to shout, leaning forward, and craning your neck.

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2. Pushing the Furniture to the Wall
If you want a bigger space and fit for your furniture what will you do? Most people assume by pushing furniture to the wall will make the room more spacious! However, this is a very fatal mistake. When pushing all the furniture towards the wall this will make the room feel more cramped and make the room feel pinched.

To get a bigger impression, you only need to give a little breathing area between the furniture and walls. This will make the room more comfortable with a better balance.

3. Not Pay Attention to Space Access
Remember! This is your home your room. So make sure the comfort is maintained there, making the placement of furniture even more comfortable that makes it easier for you to take coffee, or wine from a table in the middle of the room or when you want to eat in the living room and watch a midnight drama movie. Make room placement more comfortable with easy access.
4. Make more than 1 Focus Point
This has become an obligation for each room to get one focal point. Sometimes this can be created naturally, but when you don’t get it you have to make it! When you make a focal point, make sure this is only 1 in the room. Spaces with more than 1 focal point will make people who come confused. In addition, one focus point is the key to making the room feel more balanced and comfortable.
5. Forget the traffic
When furniture arrangements come, don’t forget about how guests get their seats. Don’t let them climb or trip over furniture legs! Create traffic, which is comfortable with a straight line to the sitting area instead of zigzagging or awkward routes.
6. Balance
There are some homeowners obsessed with placing furniture on one side and leaving the other side empty. This will make the room feel slanted and unbalanced. The most appropriate way is to make everything flat throughout the room. To get the impression of an appropriate visual weight make sure the placement of furniture remains balanced from one side to the other.
7. Blocking Natural Light
Natural light is very important to improve mood in any space. Never put your furniture in front of a window, because this will not be fun. Laying in front of the window will block the light from entering and for this minimalist space, it will make it smaller, sad, and busy.

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