Bamboo Flooring Maintenance Tips to Keep the Appearance

Bamboo Flooring Maintenance Tips to Keep the Appearance

Bamboo Flooring Maintenance

Bamboo flooring, which harvests at least every 5 years, makes this floor a popular sustainable material for those who care about their environment. Comes with various species with varying durability making natural solid bamboo flooring a tough choice. It is even said that this option is tougher when compared to red oak, and the Susceptible is worn and torn. To maintain the attractiveness of the bamboo flooring itself, it is inseparable from how bamboo flooring maintenance, making maintenance consistently and correctly will maintain the appearance of the floor itself.

The bamboo flooring maintenance project is not a difficult thing to do, but when you want to get started knowing the easiest and simplest way to maintain it will make your job easier. So, keep the appearance of the floor using the following tips and tricks.

Bamboo Flooring Maintenance Tips

Bamboo Flooring Maintenance Tips to Keep the Appearance
Bamboo Flooring Maintenance Tips to Keep the Appearance

General Cleaning
The thing that shouldn’t be left behind when Bamboo flooring maintenance is sweeping it! Having a broom with fine bristles (fine fibers) will help you wipe away any dust on the surface and keep the floor looking like new every time. Basically, sweeping is a routine job to do (at least once a day), dust and debris on the floor have the potential to scratch the floor.

Mopping, the sweeping project can be said to be an easy project to do every day. However, to mop you will not be able to do it every day. To mop floors, the best option is to do this once a week using a proper cleaning product.

If you are looking for a floor at a low price, then you can consider this option!

Hardwood cleaning products can work for your bamboo floors, options like Bona or Murphy will keep the bamboo floor looking and keep it sparkling all the time. Cleaners with vinegar, ammonia, and acids are not a good choice because they can change the appearance of your bamboo floor.

The best way to mop floors is to use a damp cloth instead of wet! The fluid left on the floor or excess moisture from cleaning products can get trapped in the gaps between the boards and are a major cause for expansion, bending, and anchoring.

Clean the Surface
Spills, stains, and also scuffs are things that must be minimized on the floor surface. Bamboo flooring maintenance by keeping it beautiful can be done by cleaning up spills as quickly as possible, wiping away stains, and cleaning up any debris that is there.

When an accident occurs on a bamboo floor, immediately vacuum up the spill with a soft, dry cloth. Then clean the bamboo floor using a new cloth, make the cloth slightly damp, and dry it until it is completely dry.

For bamboo floors in damp areas such as kitchens or bathrooms, it’s a good idea to use rugs around sinks, countertops, and places where spills are likely to occur. Once the stain is on the floor, cleaning the stain can be very difficult (depending on the problem).

If the stain soaks into the floor, then using the wrong stain remover agent can be bad. The good news is that bamboo floors can still be smoothed out, which makes stains easier to remove to some degree.

Once you have done the above work, there are a few precautions that will help you maintain the appearance of your bamboo flooring.

Bamboo flooring maintenance with preventive projects that are mandatory

  • Cut pet nails
  • Make sure guests and other users remove their footwear before entering the room
  • Use a furniture guard so you don’t injure the floor
  • Maintain 30-50 percent humidity in the house. Having excess moisture will be the main cause of floor swelling, but when the humidity is too low the floor will dry out and eventually crack.

Never steam clean your bamboo floor.

  • Avoid using mats with a rubber or latex coating, as they trap moisture on the floor and cause damage and discoloration
  • High heels can leave dents on the bamboo floor
  • Don’t leave furniture and carpets in place at all times, as this will create a color difference to the surface
  • Do not steam the floor.

Bamboo flooring is one of the floors that is quite expensive with a very elegant appearance. However, without regularly performing Bamboo flooring maintenance the floor will not maintain its appearance! Maintenance of bamboo flooring projects regularly is the best thing to maintain its appearance, so don’t be lazy.

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