Bathroom Design

The smallest room in the house is the bathroom, and don’t be surprised if the bathroom design is often forgotten by the homeowner. Why is that? However, in reality, the bathroom must be a room that has a solid, well-established layout.

Even the bathroom is a space that we will use longer than the kitchen. A room that will take a lot of time to bathe or shave, a bathroom will never be a comfortable room when you don’t know the key to design it. Even when you try to remodel it, you must make preparations to make the bathroom a comfortable place to soak.

When remodeling a bathroom without a plan, then you will only waste your money aimlessly. To help you redesign the bathroom, we have prepared a number of easy steps to try at home.

Bathroom Guide

Simple Guide to Bathroom Design

Plan it
The first thing to do is to do a plan with various things in it. One way is to determine the existing uses and needs. Like, when you are in a family that has many members and has only one bathroom. Then you have to plan a bathroom design that can cope with various needs.

For example, doing an installation with a shower and bath combo, a sink with a dressing table, and a toilet that can cope with any space user needs is the most sensible idea you would do. However, when you have enough space to make your own shower and bathroom why not?

Design for what?
This is the thing we ask most often! What’s the design in the bathroom? what does your bathroom design and want you to sell later on? Or designing a bathroom for yourself and won’t sell it? The design in the bathroom must be based on how you will use it later.

When you try to sell it later, prepare a design for the room that makes the most sense without trend and can be accepted by your prospective buyers. And while for those of you who are designing for yourself, following the trend and investing for a few items are not a problem to watch out for.

Never forget it! Thinking about the various storage items in the bathroom must be planned from the start, having storage that accommodates each item and toiletries that are there will help you to maintain and manage space. We never leave the Wicker basket on the side of the vanity, other than making it easier for us to find the items inside using the Wicker basket will enhance the appearance in the room.

For those who have natural lighting in their bathrooms, it means they are the lucky ones. Natural light entering the room will make the room more comfortable and kill the growth of fungus and bacteria, even for bathrooms that have moist areas on each side having incoming light is a gift for him.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

However, for those who do not get the natural trust in their space, bringing in artificial lightings such as overhead lighting, vanity lighting, sconces, or other lighting is a must. Entering just one overhead won’t work to make the room better, but when you do optimization on lighting on vanity this can be a good consideration. Because lighting in the vanity area will be the lightest feeder in your room.

The walls in the bathroom must be really strong and resistant to moisture, the bathroom is the most humid room in your house. Sometimes, homeowners who have tried to cover the walls, they will still find droplets of water that are unavoidable on the walls and can be one cause of damage to the wall.

We recommend that you use a satin or semi-gloss sheens that can withstand excessive moisture in the room. Or you might consider using wall tiles that would be better.

A fully enclosed bathroom will never be good for the room, make sure you have adequate ventilation to keep the bathroom in its best condition and keep it from growing mold.

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