Basic Feng Shui Principles for Beginners

Basic Feng Shui Principles for Beginners

Are you interested in Feng Shui? And want to implement it into your home? If you are a beginner who has just heard the word Feng Shui, then knowing the basic feng shui principles and how to get there is the first step to getting started!

We’ve rounded up some of the basics for creating feng shui at home, and with this list of basic feng shui principles, you can easily practice them yourself!

Feng Shui Elements

Basic Feng Shui Principles for Beginners
Basic Feng Shui Principles for Beginners

Let’s start with an introduction to the must-have elements in feng shui! In feng shui, you will get to know the 5-element system which is based on the ‘TAO’ philosophy. This system will create a natural cycle and work together to achieve balance.

In feng shui, the basic elements that must be owned include earth, water, wood, fire, and metal. Every element that exists will be related to quality, can be symbolized by color and shape with the aim of increasing the quality and positive energy in your room!


This one element comes with an attachment to beauty, precision, and joy! The color that suits him is metallic, white, gray with a circle shape representing it!


Water is an element that symbolizes deep wisdom and is also a link between the world around you and those around you. The use of dark blue, black, and wavy tones is a great idea to symbolize it!

Earth Element

This element is related to nutrition, self-care, and boundaries. To present it, you can include several colors such as orange, yellow, brown, and use several shapes that represent them such as squares and heavy objects.

The use of yellow rugs with a square shape or a rectangular table is my favorite!


Wood has a close relationship to healing, growth, and also the vitality of the homeowner. To achieve this, you can use tones like green, teal, blue, and high-column shapes.

An equally smart choice to present this element is to include ornamental plants in the room.


This one element represents inspiration, visibility, and passion! Its use will be associated with red, orange, and triangular shapes. In addition, the light in the room is also a symbol for this one element.

Command Position

The next basic feng shui principle is to understand the command position! This is a must for those who want to bring feng shui to their room. In this case, the bed, table, and stove are placed in their respective control areas and represent important aspects of life.

The bed is you, the stove is glory, and the table is your career and life path!

The arrangement of the bed, table, and stove must be placed in the right location! And the right command position for him is one where when you’re there you can still see the door without having to look or walk first.

The idea of a commando position is for the user to have a good view to keep an eye on anyone or anything that crosses his door! And make you more aware of the opportunities that exist.

Basic feng shui principles of every room

Basic Feng Shui Principles for Beginners
Basic Feng Shui Principles for Beginners

Entrance Area

This area is known as the area that bridges the entry of qi into your home. In order to get maximum energy flow in this area, you must keep this area clean and free of various clutter. In addition, ensuring that the entrance is easy to find is also one of the keys to getting a good flow of qi into the room.

So, making sure that nothing is blocking the entrance is the best idea to maximize the flow of qi into your home. To optimize it, you can add lights and keep this area bright with the addition of a fire element in there!


The bathroom is an area with many drains and becomes a source of downward energy and a lot of energy. For that, the bathroom becomes an area that takes up quite a lot of positive flow in your room. To optimize bathroom feng shui, there are a few things you should know check here!


Remember! The bedroom represents you, and here is a very important area in feng shui and a great place to start it all. For basic feng shui principles in the bathroom, you can make sure that your bedroom is in a commanding position!

Then, clean the area under your bed! Do not use it as a storage area, as this is not good for feng shui. Basically, the bed is used as a place to rest and replenish energy so every item under the bed can affect the flow of energy and also your spirit!

However, if you have limited space and still want to keep a few items under the bed be sure to keep the soft (soft) items there!

In addition, the addition of the earth element that will maximize the flow of energy is to add a carpet with an earth color under your bed.

Family area

Basic feng shui principles for the family area must be arranged in such a way to get a sense of comfort and security. Making sure you and your family can sit comfortably is the key to success in bringing feng shui there.

In setting up a conversation area, you should minimize the back of the chair facing the door as much as possible! The addition of healthy green plants is also very good for maximizing the flow of qi in your room, ornamental plants will provide additional life energy in the room especially when combined with wood elements.

Kitchen Area

You can start with basic feng shui principles for the kitchen area by ensuring the cleanliness and tidiness of your refrigerator. Does this also include whether there are expired items in it or not? Cleaning anything that is not in use is a must in feng shui principles!

With these basic feng shui principles, you will find it easier to bring feng shui into your home. If there are some that are missed, or you want to ask, write them in the comment column!

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