Basic Scandinavian Home Decoration You Should Know

Scandinavian Home

The Scandinavian design gives a minimalist, simple, functional, white, and white look in your room. Scandinavian design was born in 1950 and continues to be the favorite trend of every homeowner because of the charming and magnificent designs of Scandinavia many of the house owners love as decoration for their interiors.

Scandinavian design is a design with a style that is focused on function and simplicity directed at a minimalist style room. Even this Scandinavian design uses natural materials to build rooms such as wood, leather, and hemp. Scandinavian-style design continues to be influenced by the relationship to nature and uses natural, abstract, and natural elements to build a room. If you want the Scandinavian design in the room, and you are not really sure how to build Scandinavia in the room. You can use our simple ideas and easily create a beautiful Scandinavian interior design for your room.

Basic Scandinavian Home Decoration You Should Know

Basic Scandinavian Home Decoration You Should Know min

Accessories With Warm Tones; Scandinavian style lovers are those who are in a climate that tends to be cold. This causes the use of textiles will add warmth to Scandinavian-style room decor. Textiles for accessories in the room will give a warm impression, and they come in the form of sheets or carpets made from wool, sheepskin, and mohair. Providing access to the room by adding textile material is a good idea to provide comfort in Scandinavian decoration in the room to add comfort and warmth in areas with cold temperatures (Winter).

Simple Decorative Access; As we have explained, Scandinavian-style design is a decoration with a simple impression for your room. Thus, when you decorate a Scandinavian-style room, use decorative accents that are not complicated (simple). Like when you decorate a table using a ceramic vase, to provide additional texture and color in this all-white decoration decorate the sofa with pillows that provide decorative prints with soft colors.

Indoor Wood And Metal; Scandinavian style gives the impression of simplicity to the wooden elements not for the floor but also for the furniture and fixtures in your room. Thus, the Scandinavian style will provide a coffee table with wood or wooden chairs as furniture inside. However, with the development of existing trends, the Scandinavian style will combine metal touches to strengthen the warmth in the room. The use of copper scones or brass pendants hung on wooden ceilings will give extra sparkle to every corner of your room.

Add Plants and Flowers; Remember Scandinavian design also gives naturalness to your room! So, adding natural elements to a Scandinavian-style room will give your room freshness and additional color to life in the room. Add indoor plants or some fresh flowers to give a more natural impression in your room. Even a flower in a Scandinavian room is a necessity that requires you to have it. Even in areas that apply a Scandinavian style, they will tend to find a flower shop that provides flowers and interior plants to compliment your home decor.

Neutral Tone; The colors that you will often find in Scandinavian-style decorations are shades of gray, white, brown, and black. Neutral color is a color that will make the room more Scandinavian because neutral colors will give the impression of being clean, soothing, and also giving the room a bigger impression than it really is. Adding Fuchsia color and sea green to your room is also a good choice.

Practical; What you should not forget about decorating Scandinavia is to keep your belongings in their place and minimize the clutter in your room. Chaos will make the room not seem more spacious. Even a spacious room without keeping chaos will make your room more narrow. In addition to guarding clutter in the room, you must also arrange your storage to make it easier for you to store and place your things. Reduce “Chaos” And Add “Relax” Impression.

Tones For Floors; The Scandinavian style has a tone that the floor is made of hardwood with a natural color that will be good when the light comes in or the floor is painted white. Laminate floor lamps are a good idea for you to put into your Scandinavian-style room. This method will provide a brighter and more spacious room and provide an inviting and more welcoming atmosphere.

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Light is the Key to Success: Lighting is an element that must exist within 24 hours in a Scandinavian-style room. However, the Scandinavian style only allows the room to get natural light around 6 hours per day. This means you have to understand how to arrange your room to keep it shining at night. Basically, lighting becomes a source of life and is at the heart of this white Scandinavian style. In a Scandinavian-style room, lighting will provide the elements that govern the space. Wall scones and pendants are a Scandinavian-style indoor option in your home.

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