Bathroom Countertops Options

In the last few days, we have found e-mails that are good bathroom countertops options to make the bathroom look even more economical. Bathroom countertops come in a variety of material choices such as ceramic tiles, laminates, and also some other materials. However, lately, marble comes with a super luxurious appearance and fascinates every homeowner. Cultured marble, as we call it, this marble is a marble that comes from a dingy mixture of limestone which is then crushed and put together with plastic rehearsal.

Although marble comes with a million charms, bathroom countertops options using laminate and tile remain a popular choice. Bathroom countertops options still have a variety of ingredients that you can bring home, but the best and most reasonable choice of bathroom countertops is divided into several materials below.

Best Bathroom Countertops Options

List The Best Bathroom Countertops Options to Consider

List The Best Bathroom Countertops Options to Consider

1. Laminate
Maybe some of you think that laminate countertops are a bad choice for the bathroom area and that they don’t look very pleasant. But, you need to explore some of the newest products from Formica, Wilsonart, and several other classy lamination products providers. Bathroom countertops come with a variety of displays that are increasingly attractive and attractive, even with a new appearance you will immediately think that you have invested in granite, wood, leather, and marble countertops. In recent years, laminates come with a variety of appearances that will make you fooled.

Pros of laminate countertops

  • Come as the cheapest material
  • Has many colors and patterns to choose from
  • Having easy installation, a good choice for a DIY project

Lamination Cons

  • When you bring in a special style, you can’t install it yourself
  • Lamination is often regarded as a cheap material

2. Porcelain Tiles
When you are looking for materials to build a traditional look in the house, you can consider the use of ceramics, porcelain tiles, and also glass tiles. These materials are a good choice for building a traditional look in your room. Although often used in traditional appearance, but with a little innovation these materials are also often used for a modern look especially with porcelain tiles.

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Porcelain is the choice of a type of ceramic that has a fine clay content and is then shot at high temperatures. Which then becomes a ceramic that is harder and also solid as the basic material of the floor or table, the appearance of porcelain can mimic various types of other materials such as wood, leather, etc. by using porcelain you will get more display ideas for your room.

Porcelain Pro

  • Is a choice of table materials that have ease in installation
  • Has a premium look at an affordable price
  • Design variations are there to take home

Porcelain Cons

  • Fragile choice (when impacted)
  • The existing grout will be stained faster or change color
  • Requires periodic cleaning and resealing.

3. Stone
Stone is a bathroom countertops option that is considered better than ceramic and porcelain. Natural stone comes with more options to take home such as slate, limestone, marble, granite, onyx, and so on. Stone table material usually has the appearance of a thick solid slab that is cut into a sink. However, you can also get a stone that has a tile-like appearance. Each choice of stone has various weaknesses and their respective advantages to consider.

  • Marble: This is a choice of veined metamorph natural stone, this stone is the most powerful choice of all types of natural stone for the table because marble comes with a variety of patterns and colors to take home. However, this stone requires you to close every one or two years. This stone is indeed an expensive choice for natural stone table makers, but its appearance will not be unbeatable.
  • Granite: This one is a natural stone that has a similar appearance to marble but granite has varying spots with fewer veins than marble.
  • Limestone: Using this material to build a bathroom countertop is a rare choice, this stone is a porous choice of stone and requires sealing more thoroughly and repeatedly when made into countertops.
  • Slate: This one is a hard rock choice with stain resistance. Comes with a black, green, and gray look making them a stable material that is quite unique for bathrooms.

The Advantages of Stone Countertops

  • The appearance of the stone is a symbol of the luxury of a building
  • Comes with a unique look (no two)


  • Stone material requires periodic sealing to maintain its appearance
  • The price is really expensive

4 Concrete
Although concrete is not the first material that comes to your mind, this material remains the bathroom countertops option. For countertops, this table will have a smoother and textured look. Even variations in installation using planting tiles, stones, and also broken glass that is polished can give a more attractive appearance to these countertops.

Pro Concrete for bathroom countertop materials

  • A trendy appearance, making use of concrete materials will increase the selling price of the house
  • Having endurance and strength that is mandatory in the lyrics


  • You can never install it yourself (professional options are a must)
  • There is no substitute for the material, when the material is cracked you must replace it.

5. Quartz
The bathroom countertops option that is worth considering next is quartz! This choice is an engineered stone with 90% soil and also minerals from other stones mixed with resin and also pigments which are then formed into a tabletop. The appearance of quartz comes from a variety of styles that can be brought home, even with the appearance there are several styles of quartz that cannot be distinguished from natural stone slabs.

Pro bathroom countertops options from quartz

  • Engineering quartz can be in various forms and forms
  • There are more colors and styles that can be brought home
  • More color than natural stone
  • Strong
  • Has stain resistance

Quartz Cons

  • Choice of bathroom countertops at expensive prices
  • Seams are seen more often
  • Has no resistance to heat

The above are 5 bathroom countertops options that are worth considering for your bathroom. When choosing bathroom countertops, make sure you read all the options above along with their disadvantages and advantages. When you want to invest in bathroom countertops, make sure you take into consideration the ingredients you make based on appearance, color, style, and durability.

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