Bathroom Design Rules That Must be Done 1

Bathroom Design Rules That Must be Done!

The bathroom is the smallest room in the house but is a place that is required to give a sense of comfort and refreshment. To maximize the look and feel of comfort in your bathroom, you should start decorating your bathroom by following a few rules.

These bathroom design rules will be the basis for bringing a sense of comfort and giving your room a maximum appearance! In these Bathroom design rules, the first thing you have to consider is to think about what you will need!

Remember! A bathroom design project is one of those projects that will cost a lot of money and even drain your wallet. In the existing planning, you must start by considering the use of the bathroom, the features that must be owned, the available budget, and so on. That’s why you have to start to understand the basics of Bathroom design rules!

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Let’s start with the most common design rules for any design project! Yes, the first Bathroom design rules are to create a bathroom layout sketch. With this rule, you should start by considering plumbing as well as wiring.

Then start writing down how much space you want in this bathroom including the toilet, dressing table, shower area, and the bathroom itself. This layout arrangement also requires you to ensure that each door can be opened easily without having to bump into each other.

However, you can consider using sliding doors to save more space. The choice of transparent doors is a really sensible idea to enhance the look and create the impression of a space that’s bigger than it really is!


After you are done with the layout of the bathroom, it is time to think about what items you need and where they will be placed. Various hygiene items as well as make-up items are a must in the bathroom. So, think about where you can store them and access them easily.

Bathroom Design Rules That Must be Done 3
Bathroom Design Rules That Must be Done

An open shelf option for folding towels and candles, storing a few items in a cabinet, and a few other items on the dressing table is the most sensible ideas for easy access and keeping the bathroom look.

The idea of ​​storage in Bathroom design rules is to ensure that the bathroom is always clean and tidy at all times and still makes it easy for you to access various items without having to search every inch of the room.


The bathroom is the most humid space in the house, and this is the reason why the Bathroom design rules to choose a flooring material that is moisture resistant and can withstand high humidity. Tile makes the most sense for bathroom floors, walls, and benchtops too!

Apart from being able to withstand high humidity, textured tile floors are a great idea to minimize accidents (slips). In the selection, you can also get a lot of ideas in the existing look and style.

You can use marble tiles to enhance the luxurious and sleek look of the walls and floors. Whereas the wood appearance will give the impression of a softer floor, and the mosaic tiles will enhance the color and texture in the room.


Without toiletries, you will not be able to bathe comfortably and optimally, right? Dressers, built-in cabinets, hanging shelves, and other storage items are items that will minimize clutter on the surface of your space.

Bathroom Design Rules That Must be Done 2
Bathroom Design Rules That Must be Done

There are more toiletries, and without storage, the free space will quickly fill up which results in a mess in the bathroom. In choosing toiletries, make sure to sort what items you will bring.

The idea of ​​sorting is about how you minimize the use of various items in order to be able to organize and design the space according to your wishes and needs.


Color has a big impact on maximizing the look and appeal of a bathroom, the most common choices are neutral, white, and monochrome tones. The available color choices will set the mood and make the user feel more comfortable.

The choice of a combination of white on the tile and gray will create a charming and fun monochrome look for your bathroom. Meanwhile, to create drama in the bathroom, you can use dark patterned tiles. Textured tiles with a dark pattern will give your bathroom a hotel-like feel and are a great way to optimize!


If you want to get the impression of a SPA bathroom, you can include aromatherapy candles in the bathroom! These candles will make your bath even more enjoyable. While the mandatory accessories that must be available are items such as luxury mats, towels, ornamental plants, and soap holders.

However, adding a painting from a moisture-proof material is a sensible idea to increase the focus on your space.


Air ventilation is very important for the bathroom, but just opening the window and taking a bath is not enough! Consider adding a fan to increase air circulation in the room, and minimize mold buildup in the room.

However, apart from ventilation you also need to be prepared for winter! Providing additional heating makes you more comfortable when soaking when winter arrives. Heating and ventilation are 2 items that you must have and are included in the Bathroom design rules.


The last bathroom design rules are lighting! The bathroom needs a flow of natural light, as well as a shower of artificial lighting with the type of task, accent, and ambient. Natural light works to kill mold growth and makes the space less humid. Meanwhile, artificial lighting will replace the function of natural lighting and make the bathroom look clearer.

To clarify about bathroom lighting, here are the bathroom lighting rules that you must understand.

These bathroom design rules can be done easily, and these rules will be the key to success in your design project. Keep it simple and make sure not to overdo it when designing a room!

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