Bathroom Feng Shui Tips for a Bad Location 1

Bathroom Feng Shui Tips for a Bad Location

To bring feng shui into the bathroom, the positions can be very challenging! However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get positive energy and neutralize the negative energy that is there.

Like when decorating other rooms in the house, to present feng shui in there are several bathroom feng shui tips that must be practiced! Keep reading and find out what the worst feng shui locations are in the bathroom and what tips will counteract them.

Placement of the bathroom in the middle of the house

This placement is a bad position (according to feng shui), this is because the heart of feng shui is in the middle of the house and is often referred to as the yin and yang points. So, creating the middle area of the house to be open, feel light, and have beauty have to do. And when you have a bathroom in the middle of the house, bathroom feng shui tips that you can do are:

  1. Maintain cleanliness and tidiness of the bathroom
  2. Add additional wall hangings, flowers (plants), and aromatherapy candles to the bedroom
  3. Create clear, soothing lighting in the bathroom then add a dimmer to make it easier for you to set the atmosphere in the room.

To give your bathroom a great feng shui feel, be sure to use air-purifying plants in it!

Bathroom door facing the kitchen!

If you have one, then the current flow of feng shui will be faster in and out of your room! And for this problem, you have to share the positive energy that is there with as much as possible on both sides. For that, using this bathroom feng shui tips can be done.

  1. Always close the door
  2. Keeps the bathroom clean and orderly so that it is filled with a good flow of positive energy at all times
  3. Try to use space partitions to arrange energy on two sides
  4. Use color to define the two rooms
  5. And create separate focal points in both of your rooms!

Bathroom facing the entrance

The entrance facing the bathroom is the worst placement on this list (in my opinion)! Because the positive energy that is there will enter through the entrance and eventually exit through the bathroom.

And you don’t have enough positive energy in the house! Bathroom feng shui tips that can be applied to this problem are by:

  1. Always close the bathroom door
  2. Make a good feng shui bathroom
  3. Creates a focal point for the space that is near the entrance and moves it away from the bathroom.
  4. Create a nice feng shui vibe at the entrance area to make positive energy even stronger in the area!

The bathroom is in the Uang area

Having a bathroom that is in the money area presents a lot of challenges for homeowners. And one of the most powerful ways to solve this problem is to always keep it organized and clean at all times!

Cleanliness and order in it are the keys to success in getting good feng shui for a bathroom! For those of you who have a bathroom in the money area, you can consider these Bathroom feng shui tips:

  1. Use more greenery that can thrive in the bathroom
  2. Use a wall decoration with a natural view
  3. Use a mirror to drain feng shui better!

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The bathroom above the bedroom

Bathroom Feng Shui Tips for a Bad Location 2
Bathroom Feng Shui Tips for a Bad Location

Who owns it? Of course, this is not a good choice for presenting feng shui in either room. The flow of feng shui in the bedroom can be disrupted due to this placement, and to minimize leakage of energy in both rooms. You can start by knowing how busy your bathroom is! And then use a few of these tips to harmonize the energy flow in the two rooms:

  1. Limit your bathroom use
  2. If the bed is directly under the bathroom, then slide it a little so it doesn’t stay under the bathroom
  3. Use lighter colors for your bathroom
  4. Create a feature like a crown or other decorative feature for your bedroom.

Bathroom under stairs area

While this placement is a very common placement in the house, to present feng shui can be a problem! For those who have a placement like this, there are a few bathroom feng shui tips that must be done to keep positive energy getting and remind the flow of feng shui in the room:

  1. Keep the stairs clean at all times
  2. Make sure the stairs are in good shape
  3. Use light tones on the stairs
  4. Use the crystal chandelier under the stairs to exude a better feng shui flow
  5. Strengthen the feng shui elements in the bathroom
  6. Closed Door all times
  7. Use bright tones in the bathroom (according to the existing position).

This way, you will get a good flow of feng shui energy in both rooms!

Bathroom to the southeast

Placing the bathroom in the stairwell of the house will present a lot of trouble with the feng shui flow! And when you do, Bathroom Feng Shui Tips must try:

  1. Always close the bathroom and toilet doors
  2. Keep the bathroom tidy and clean
  3. Use several decorative air-purifying plants
  4. Use the mirror near the bathroom door
  5. Use metal pitched rugs with a circular shape (if possible)
  6. Add in wind chimes for a stronger feng shui flow

Northwest bathroom

Those who have a bathroom in the northwest area should present good feng shui according to the recommendations! First by minimizing clutter in it and making sure to place a mirror without having to reflect the toilet area. For the perfection of the appearance and feng shui appeal, some of these bathroom feng shui tips can be tried:

  1. Decorative plants in the bathroom
  2. Blue rugs in the bathroom
  3. Avoid using metal chimes indoors!

For those of you who have bathrooms in several of the areas above, applying the existing Bathroom feng shui tips will make the existing feng shui flow better and stronger! so, start to pay attention to the position you have.

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