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When we talk about an area that has a high level of humidity, and water on each side. Then, we mean talking about the bathroom right? Of course, who doesn’t know about the humid and wettest spaces in the house? When thinking of a bathroom, I always think of slippery areas that are a little dangerous to go through? How about you? Maybe this bathroom floor ideas will make it easier for you to get it!

What should be considered in the selection of bathroom flooring materials? Of course the first is safety, friction, water resistance, and don’t forget the appearance it produces. Not just thinking about the style in the bathroom alone, but bathroom floor ideas must consider how the level of security, resistance to continuous impact of water, and also how the bathroom floor can improve the appearance and style in the room. To make it easier for you in choosing the bathroom floor, we have summarized it in this article, let’s start scrolling.

3 Bathroom Floor Ideas Material

Top 3 Bathroom Floor Ideas Material For Your Consideration

1. Vinyl Sheet
Who is not familiar with this one material? vinyl materials come in a variety of colors, patterns, and even costs. Vinyl-based flooring has a pretty reasonable price with a charming appearance! When you walk around the home improvement store, you can get a vinyl sheet from the price of $ 1- $ 3 per square foot. The good news from users of this floor is that they don’t need to call in experts to do floor installation! Because vinyl flooring is an optional floor with easy installation.

For those of you who want to enhance the appearance of vinyl flooring with designs such as stone or fancy tiles, you can only need to spend a little extra on your money for the appearance of stone or tile floors. This usually requires you to spend $ 3- $ 5 per square foot. When talking about vinyl flooring, this floor usually comes with a 12-foot wide roll that will make it easier for you to install in the bathroom more easily.

Sealing the ends of the floor with silicone will make the floor more durable, and make it leak-proof. Consider not using vinyl tile, because the floor has a chance to absorb underground.

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2. Bathroom Floor Ideas for green options: Cork and Linoleum
By using a cork floor in the bathroom, you will get comfort, warmth, and also resistance to excess water of course. The use of cork flooring is an ideal choice for bathroom areas that have a lot of sparks and also offer extra comfort under your feet. The texture of the cork allows you to have balance and also resistance.

You can get cork flooring with size 12 “x12” for tiles and for boards with size 1’x3 ‘. The choice of texture available with fine-grained granules makes this floor more comfortable to use in the bathroom. Planks and tiles from this floor are a great choice for DIY project lovers. For other considerations, you can use a half-pile cork floor and then cover it with a sealer to protect the bathroom moisture from the coating!

The main ingredient of easy growing cork makes cork a good choice for green options and sustainable choices for bathroom floors.

While linoleum is a choice of the floor with resilient sheets that have many colors and also bright patterns for the bathroom. With the basic ingredients of cork oil and linseed, making this floor has the ease of recycling and also decomposes easier. The good news from this flooring choice is that they do not have VOCs that endanger homeowners. The most obvious drawback of linoleum is that they can’t stand scratches, so using a protective coating is a better idea to protect the floor!

3. The Last Choice for Bathroom Floor Ideas is Ceramic tiles
The next choice of Bathroom Floor Ideas is ceramics! Tiled floors in the bathroom are the choices that come with sizes, shapes, and also various colors. The colors are the most complete choice of ceramic tiles and complete the look in the bathroom in whatever style it is! At a cost of $ 1- $ 20 per square foot, you have many more varied choices. And when you want to call in a specialist then an additional fee of $ 5- $ 10 square feet is a normal fee for you.

Porcelain tiles come with stronger durability, are not porous, and are a better choice for bathrooms. To make the floor tile not slippery when wet, using a floor with texture or a floor with slip-resistant certification is a wise choice to do.

The use of more grout lines will provide better anti-slip resistance for your bathroom.

Make your bathroom floor more luxurious and luxurious! One way to make the bathroom look more luxurious is to use stone tiles that look beautiful and natural. Tiles with granite, marble, limestone, travertine are the choice for bathroom floor ideas with a more charming look!

When using stone-based tiles, make sure you use stones that are sharpened rather than polished! Polished stone can be more slippery even for the bathroom area. Falling stones or slated slabs are the choices for a great Anti-slip surface!

For Bathroom Floor Ideas using sandstone, travertine, or limestone is a good idea, but you have to do repairs every two years to maintain the quality and also the sealer. And while for hard stones such as granite and marble, it requires you to do sealing every 4 or 5 years.

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