Bathroom Hanging Mirror

Bathroom hanging mirror are one of the most important bathroom items, but in fact, many homeowners often ignore the choice of mirrors. The mirror has a function as a space balancing, aesthetic, bathroom illusion, and also functionality. The choice of place to hang the mirror, the size of the mirror, and also the lighting will determine how a mirror affects your bathroom. In fact, when you are trying to create a new look in the bathroom, the mirror can be an item that should be considered.

Selection of the right mirror will give a great look to any bathroom. The good news is that when you get tired of mirror views, you don’t have to spend a fortune updating them! So, make sure to use a bathroom hanging mirror as best as possible to maximize the appearance of the room. To help you, we have created a guide on choosing a bathroom hanging mirror for the bathroom. Here are some tips for choosing a bathroom mirror that should be done.

How To Hang Bathroom Hanging Mirror

Bathroom Hanging Mirror

Bathroom Hanging Mirror

Single mirror or a pair?
If the bathroom has a large dressing area with double countertops, using a large mirror can be a practical option and a double mirror can be even more powerful. A long pair of vertical mirrors are a great choice for a bathroom with high ceilings, and using these mirrors will make the vertical space stand out even more.

And to make the illusion of space more spacious, the selection of a wide single mirror can solve your problem. The selection of a good mirror is not based on how large the area of ​​vanity is, but how you want to build a display in space.

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The height of the hanging mirror?
You won’t even find a specific rule on how best to hang your mirror. Hanging mirrors for maximum results can be based on several factors such as the size of the mirror and the shape of the mirror, the height of the dressing table, the lamp holder and the ceiling, and how high the mirror user is. To make it easier for you to determine the height here are a few tricks you can try:

  • A mirror that hangs at eye level can be a good choice or at least a foot above and below the user’s eye line.
  • The hanger above the sink is about 7-11 inches
  • Hang it in 4-7 inches above the faucet
  • The height between the floor and the mirror is about 5-11 feet
  • Make sure the mirror is in the center between the vanity lights and right above the sink

This can help you pocket a bathroom hanging mirror for optimal viewing.

Bathroom hanging mirror size?
Mirror and bathroom vanity are two items that are interconnected with each other. Getting a mirror that fits the width of the vanity will make the room look more charming. The most common mistake made when choosing a mirror is that space users do not consider how big the mirror is and the frame. Bathroom mirror size selection guide:

  • Use vanity as a reference for your mirror selection
  • Choose a mirror with a width of about 70-80% of the vanity to avoid the appearance of squares in the room, and for those of you who want the wall sconces to be in the mirror area the size of 60-75% of the vanity can work better.
  • For those of you who really want a mirrored look that is suitable and suitable for bathrooms, ordering a mirror is the easiest choice with a little extra cost.

Choice Bet a good mirror for the bathroom?
When entering a mirror shop, you will find many shapes for mirror choices such as round, square, rectangle, geometric, and others. The use of a mirror shape will also have an effect on the appearance of your room. Here are some considerations with the effect it produces:

  • Round: Has a softer appearance, and minimizes negative areas in the corners of the room.
  • Square and rectangle: A more classic look makes this mirror suitable for modern spaces, and has more functionality.
  • Irregular: Has a visual appeal for a room with a decorative appearance for you.

Frameless or frameless mirror?
Confused about which mirror and frameless mirror is better for the bathroom? One good advantage for frameless mirrors is that they come with ease of organization in a room and are suitable for every style of space. Whereas a mirror with a frame, especially a decorative frame, is an idea to create a focal point in the space. A decorative mirror display or a simple minimalist look can enter your selection list.

To mirror with chaos, the end result of the mirror you should consider! Is it a mirror in chrome finish, brushed nickel, brass, copper, or a mirror in jet black? The final look of the mirror can be matched with the tone of the wallpaper, hardware, and tiles.

Bathroom hanging mirror lighting?
Not only in the bathroom, to get a good look in the lighting design, divide it into 4 types of lighting, namely general, task, accent, and decorative. For lighting in the bathroom mirror area, accent and decorative type lighting are the best ideas to light up your mirror area. Decorative lighting there can attract the eyes of space users and become a focal point for space.

A good bathroom hanging mirror can be done by considering some of the tips that we have written. For maximum results, first, confirm how the style is in the room and choose the most attractive appearance for the style in your bathroom.

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