Expert Bathroom Lighting Design Tips 1

Expert Bathroom Lighting Design Tips

The bathroom is the most time-consuming area for homeowners, from grooming to relaxing. Even though it takes a lot of time, many homeowners ignore how the lighting is in it. Basically, having bad lighting will also have a bad effect on the feeling of comfort and tranquility when using the bathroom.

That is why we provide various Bathroom lighting design tips that will increase your sense of comfort and make you more relaxed in it. By applying these ideas, you can also enhance the look and appeal of the room so give it a try!

6 Bathroom Lighting Design Tips

Lighting on the mirror

The mirror area is the area most frequently visited when in the bathroom, even every morning you must always be there right? Therefore, the first Bathroom lighting design tip is to optimize the mirror area to increase the appearance and attractiveness of that area.

For lighting optimization projects in the mirror area, it is better if you have 2 light sources on both sides of the mirror. Apart from creating better lighting, this method will also minimize the shadows on your face.

Another great idea is to use hanging lighting on either side of the mirror or with a bulb added to the top.

Side Lighting is the key to success

Side lighting or better known as Cross Illumination is a must in every bathroom! The key to choosing this one is with a bulb that emits 1,100 lumens or a 75W incandescent lamp (for the main bathroom). And 800 Lumens or the equivalent of a 600w incandescent lamp (for the dressing room).

With these guidelines, you’ll find lighting that’s completely fun for fixing your hair or putting on makeup.


What is no less important when designing lighting in a bathroom is to pay attention to the color temperature available! The best choice of lighting temperature is when the lighting emits a temperature of around 5000 ° Kelvin with the addition of an incandescent lamp with a brightness of 2700 ° Kelvin and also a dim incandescent lamp of 2400 ° Kelvin.

To make your make-up easier, you need to have clear lighting so that you can match the colors more easily. Lighting options ranging from 4000-5000 ° Kelvin are a great choice when getting ready for work.

And when you want to make up at night try to go for a warmer temperature in the 2400-2800 ° Kelvin range. You can get an LED fixture with a dim-to-warm makeup mirror, which makes it easy for you to adjust it between 5000 ° Kelvin as well as 2300 ° Kelvin.

This way you can also get the flexibility you need (in terms of temperature).

Task lighting is a virtue!

Given that the bathroom is an area with multiple tasks that require focus, we must optimize the lighting by task type. Bathroom lighting design tips with task lighting can be started by combining this type with 3 other types such as ambient, accent, and decorative.

And then start focusing on task lighting areas like vanity to provide a clear and comfortable flow of lighting to simplify the various activities you will be doing.

Balance on style and function

The next bathroom lighting design tip is to balance function and style in the lighting system you have. If you want to create a look like in a SPA, then try to combine decorative wall fixtures with ceiling fixtures in a similar pattern.

Then lighten the lower part of the vanity which gives dramatic lighting to the bathroom. The key to this balance is getting the temperature right in the lighting system in the bathroom!

Consider using a pendant

Pendant installation is a trend for decorating any existing space. And its use makes space appear more luxurious and charming. Bathroom lighting design tips with hanging pendants can be started by installing flanks or floating in front of the mirror on the sink.

Or at least you should do the installation 5-6 feet above the floor (eye-level placement). Meanwhile, if you want to install pendant lighting in the center of the room, then consider using a shadow pattern that adds texture and visual appeal to the room.

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Basically, the most important thing in bathroom lighting design tips is to create lighting that can be task-oriented and can also captivate space users. Having cross-lighting is a really great idea in my opinion!

Wall sconces, pendant fixtures, mirror area lighting, and then add hidden lighting are the perfect combination to get the best bathroom lighting!

Expert for bathroom lighting design tips

Expert Bathroom Lighting Design Tips 2
Expert Bathroom Lighting Design Tips

Maximize Natural Light

One of the most effective ways to increase the feel of a bathroom is to increase the flow of natural light into the room. You need to start ensuring your window treatments and make sure the lighting gets in properly. A little lighting filter makes perfect sense, but don’t block it!

If you are in a home remodeling or building project, the best area to maximize the flow of lighting is to get a north-facing bathroom.

Ensure fixture placement

When you are looking for lighting fixtures, make sure you find the right area! Make sure the mirror doesn’t reflect too much of the incoming light, having too much reflective light can create a very distracting image when you are doing your makeup.

And if you want to minimize shading, make sure to add 2 or 3 fixtures to the mirror (2 on the side of the mirror and 1 on the top).


The final expert tip is on your bulb selection! The best bulb is the one that has the same temperature as the sun’s rays. To get it, you can combine several bulbs! You can use 150 watts with an additional dimmer, this will be very suitable for playing the atmosphere in the bathroom.

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