Easy Bathroom Lighting Guide Ideas You Must Try

Easy Bathroom Lighting Guide Ideas You Must Try

Bathroom Lighting Guide

No matter how small your bathroom will be more than 15 minutes there! The bathroom slowly turns into a resting room to get rid of body odor and fatigue after a full day of work. A room where you can pamper your body by soaking in comfortable warm water. So you must have a bathroom lighting guide to create a comfortable bathroom right?

I’m not even sure you will last more than 5 minutes in that dark bathroom! So how can you create a bathroom that is bright enough to pamper yourself after a long day of work? The bathroom lighting guide that we wrote will maximize the appearance in the bathroom and you can get comfort when you soak in there without having to be afraid of being infested with spiders.

Basically using an overhead in the bathroom will not work properly. An overhead becomes general lighting, and this won’t always help you! At least bring 2 types of lighting sources into the bathroom must be done. Overhead, and some task lights for example. Overheads will only give a shadow or even dazzle, and we often find our friends make a fatal mistake in bringing lighting in the bathroom! So read this article and get the most effective tips for making your bathroom shine more.

Easy Bathroom Lighting Guide

Easy Bathroom Lighting Guide Ideas You Must Try
Easy Bathroom Lighting Guide Ideas You Must Try

Bathroom lighting guide
In fact, the bathroom is not a room for one lighting. However, the bathroom is also a room that requires several layers of lighting from several existing light sources. The combination of 3 types of lighting at once will definitely work well in the bathroom.

1. Ambient type lighting
Ambient lighting is often referred to as general lighting or a lighting source that will reach every inch in the room. This lighting allows users to navigate to all corners of the room without having to hit a wall or trip over the furniture. Or you will be closed when naming it with overhead lighting.

2. Lighting task type
This type of lighting is lighting that has a clear direction and purpose. As the name “TASK”, lighting this one will focus on providing directional light in the local area and maximize its function for the intended area. Like the lighting that surrounds the vanity area.

3. Accent type lighting
The last lighting type for bathroom lighting guide is accent type lighting. This lighting is a lighting placement that becomes a counterweight in a room. With the level of lighting around the bathroom, balancing the luster of the task lighting, and accents you will get a room that has finer lighting with depth and comfort.

One example of this lighting is wall sconces that can be placed next to the entrance, flanking artwork, on a blank wall. Placement with this lighting only has the aim to balance existing lighting.

Bathroom lighting guide based on light areas
Once you understand the different types of lighting available, you can determine and have an idea of ​​how to place your lights, right? To make it easier, we give some ideas for the placement of lighting in the bathroom.

1. Ceiling
Of course, what should be on the ceiling is lighting! In the ceiling area, you certainly need to have general lighting using the overhead. The use of ceiling lighting with flush mounts, overhead, and semi-flush mounts is a good choice for your bathroom.

In addition to lighting selection, you also have to consider the placement of your lighting. As the center of the room, it will be suitable to be the main lighting in the room. However, one thing you should really avoid is the placement of ceiling lighting just above the vanity! Placement over the vanity will only give you shadows, and glare reflected by a mirror.

2. Vanity Area
To maximize the function of your dressing table, especially in a mirror you must provide an injection of lighting with the right light in it. Area vanity is an area that is used most often and has the most important function there. Shaving, styling your hair, and dressing are the most common activities there. So it’s important for you to have the right lighting in the vanity area.

Makeup lights on the mirror, and on both sides of the mirror are the best ideas to consider. Because in this way, you will not get shadows that interfere with activities to make up.

3.Wall lamp
The wall is the most reasonable area to include additional lighting in your bathroom. In addition to being on the wall to flank the mirror, the use of wall lamps will provide softer lighting for the bathroom and be a counterweight to existing lighting. Just one wall lighting in a corner that lacks light will be a powerful way to illuminate a room.

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Bathroom lighting guide in several areas are worth considering
In addition to lighting in ceiling areas, walls, and mirrors, you should also consider the lighting in other areas such as:

Moist area (wet)
When installing lighting in humid areas or areas exposed to hot water vapor must be registered with UL or ETL in your humid area. In areas that have a high level of humidity and even wetness such as a shower room, your bath up must ensure that your lamp is one of the safelights for wet areas. This selection aims to anticipate lights that are damaged when exposed to water splashes.

This bathroom lighting guide will facilitate you in the selection of lamps and proper placement in the bathroom of any style. So make sure you read it before executing it in your bathroom. Good luck.

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