There are many homeowners who focus on just how light their bathroom is, but they don’t think about how many and what kind of lights are suitable for their bathroom! When they went to the store and saw an interesting fixture that was what they brought home. As simple as that?

However, lighting is basically not just about displays! There are Bathroom lighting rules that you must know to increase the charm and attractiveness of your room. In Bathroom lighting rules, the selection of lights must be based on the type, size of the room, and also how many lights you will need.

So, before you go to the store and buy a fixture, it’s a good idea to know these Bathroom lighting rules!

Bathroom lighting rules on Vanity

The area most frequently used in the bathroom is the dressing area! Here, you will do various activities such as shaving, applying make-up, and various other activities. In this area, you need to have the right lighting and help you to do the above tasks more easily.

Apart from having helpful lighting, Bathroom lighting rules should also allow you to make up without being obstructed by your own shadow.

Lighting options that can be tried are to use strip lights, small lights, and wall sconces on both sides. However, a pair of sconces is not recommended for large mirrors because the sconces will not light up the entire area of your mirror to the maximum.

The idea of Bathroom lighting rules in the vanity area is not to create distracting shadows on your face later!

Bathroom lighting rules in general

To provide clear and comfortable lighting in your bathroom, you need to have at least one watt of incandescent lamp for every square foot in your room! However, when direct lighting is not used and you are using hidden, dark areas, you should increase the existing lighting by at least half.

For a large bathroom, using 2 chandeliers is a wise choice for your room. Make sure to place them near the bath, and one in the open area you have.

Bathroom lighting rules in the shower area

Bathing really becomes a fun activity, and often use this activity for various activities, especially for shaving! So, don’t miss anything when shaving in the bathroom.

In the shower area, make sure you have adequate lighting with an overheat type over the bath. As well as being overhead, try to even out the lighting by adding recessed lights to certain areas.

Accent Type Lighting

For Bathroom lighting rules with accent types, this lighting will appear as lighting that illuminates various wall arts that you have! Apart from creating added interest in the bathroom, this lighting is also an additional layer of lighting that helps keep shadows from appearing randomly in the bathroom.

Other bathroom lighting rules

Apart from some of the Bathroom lighting rules above, there are several other Bathroom lighting rules that you should consider to create a comfortable feeling in your bathroom!

The use of available bulb types also greatly affects the attractiveness and feeling of comfort in your bathroom! Lighting options with clean white light bulbs will keep you focused when doing various activities in the room. And a lamp like this will also make it easier for you to apply make-up or shave more easily.

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In addition to the choice of bulbs, think about using a dimmer switch too! By adding a dimmer in the bathroom, you will find it easier to set the atmosphere in the room. When you like to soak in the tub, then dim it and make the atmosphere more relaxed.

Meanwhile, when you are in the bathroom and need more lighting, adjust the dimmer so that it emits a brighter light to make the various activities you do easier. In addition to setting the atmosphere, dimmers are also an option to save more energy in the room.

Once you have considered the various fixtures and lighting placement, never forget the safety at hand! Like, overheating overhead lighting is very good but don’t ignore the security that is there.

For this area, try consulting or letting a Professional install the fixture there! By enlisting the help of a professional, you will get a safer installation based on building codes and minimize the risk of electric shock and possible fire.

After you read these Bathroom lighting rules, be sure to start considering where to install them in the bathroom. When the installation project starts, make sure to put safety, then functionality, and style first!

Bathroom lighting tips

After you read and understand the existing bathroom lighting rules, here are some bathroom lighting tricks that you shouldn’t forget! Here are a few tricks you should know:

Bathroom Lighting Rules Must Know 2

Bathroom Lighting Rules Must Know

Maximize the use of natural light

To maximize the appearance and minimize mold in your bathroom you should strive to bring more sunlight into the room. Having a window to let in light is a wise choice to make!

However, for those of you who are on a bathroom overhaul, the bathroom layout going north is the best way to bring indirect lighting that feels soft and more diffuse!

Position the Fixture precisely

In order for the existing display and lighting to spread out in an orderly manner, you need to choose the best fixture for the room! An overhead hanging fixture with a transparent display is one of the most sensible ideas for maximizing the spread of lighting with a cleaner look!

In the selection, don’t forget to light the mirror on the vanity because the shadows that appear will present problems for your make-up activities!


The final bathroom lighting trick is to choose a bulb that presents warm lighting! The choice of 2700K LED in the bathroom can be a consideration to replace the existing natural light. Try a 150-watt bulb and place it for overhead lighting with an added dimmer!

Thus, you can easily set the atmosphere there!

By applying this bathroom lighting rules, hopefully, your bathroom can perform optimally and remain comfortable for everyday use!

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