Basically, a charming bathroom comes from how the lighting is in it. Lighting is an important component to increase the attractiveness and charm of space. And to get the perfect lighting, you have to present several layers of lighting with different functions.

Some of these bathroom lighting tips will guide you to create a better flow of lighting in your bathroom. Keep scrolling and get more information and tips to increase the charm of your room!

Optimize Natural Lighting

Bathroom lighting tips, first and foremost, are to maximize natural lighting to enter your room. Having large windows is an option for a good flow of natural lighting into the room. If you use a larger window, the downside is the existing privacy!

The use of frosted glass is the answer to additional privacy in your room, or you can consider using opaque film on the windows to minimize expenses.

Apart from that, the bathroom also needs fresh airflow, and the only way to provide that is to open your windows! However, this can reduce your privacy. So additional curtains are an idea that must be considered, in their selection make sure to use materials that are suitable for damp areas with wide blades to minimize mold buildup!

Small-sized room

For a bathroom that is too small, maybe having a large window is quite difficult! And to distribute natural lighting, you can use a skylight.

Like when decorating a small-scale room, using the free area is the best idea to do. By maximizing our skylights, we will still bring in natural light, and because they come from above, the shadows and glare can be minimized.

The good news for using skylights is, you can use them without spending a fortune! However, you should consider using a model with a rain sensor that closes automatically when it starts to rain.

Task type lighting optimization

The next bathroom lighting tip is to maximize the task-type lighting in the room! Activities such as shaving or applying make-up, are activities that require you to have a strong and even flow of light (especially in the mirror area as well as the dressing table).

For that, when you present task lighting, make sure to place it in the right areas so that the existing shadow can be minimized.

Installing the fixture on both sides of the mirror at eye level will provide even lighting, and minimize the shading of your face!

Create an Accent

Good Bathroom Lighting Tips

Good Bathroom Lighting Tips

The next bathroom lighting tip is to show off the design features and equipment you have with accent type lighting! A recessed spotlight is a great idea to create a statement to bring out the style in your room.

Try lighting up the wardrobe with integrated LEDs and added flexibility with the addition of cables on separate switches as well as additional dimmers to adjust the lighting in your room.

Increase the heat!

Basically, the shower is a really great place for mold and mildew to grow too! And when the growth is not controlled, then you will have problems with the airflow there. Increasing the ventilation and additional lighting of an extraction fan is a great way to minimize the growth of mold and mildew as well.

Meanwhile, an additional heating light is a great idea to increase the warmth of the bathroom, and make it more comfortable for you to go in and out when winter arrives!

Give a soft touch to the bathroom

For those of you who often use the bathroom in the middle of the night, try to add soft lighting to your room. A bathroom lighting tip that works well for this problem is an LED strip with a hidden installation!

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You can minimize expenses by installing it on the back of your molding. It also serves to highlight the indoor parameters as well as draw the eye out!

Set the mood with lighting

To create an atmosphere where you can relax and feel luxurious, bathroom lighting tips with ambient lighting are great! Having a ceiling fixture that is placed in the center of the room and functions as decorative lighting is an option that you should consider!

With a more dramatic installation such as lighting with a pendant lamp with a unique shape, you can create a more charming bathroom look! In addition, you can add a dimmer so you can get an atmosphere that matches your mood at that time.

How many watts do you need?

For the main bathroom or in the living room, you can use lighting with an intensity of 75-100 watts or with 24–26-watt fluorescent lamps or with 20-25 Watt LEDs.

However, using a fluorescent bulb is a better idea for lighting in your work area. As for the second bathroom or guest bathroom, you can use lighting with a lower intensity with a range of 45 watts.

Basically, to get the best lighting in a room (especially the bathroom). You must have a suitable or suitable surface and color finish to maximize the lighting. Using a white light bulb will work best with warm white walls.

To get a balance in the bathroom, you can consult with lighting experts. However, with the bathroom lighting tips above, you will find it easier to get a room light that is more pleasant and comfortable to live in!

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