Best Bathroom Plants Low Light

11 Consideration of Bathroom Plants Low Light

Bathroom Plants Low Light

If you ask me whether I will bring living plants into every room in the house? It will bring plants into the room! The plants that I bring in will make a room fresher, enhance the appearance, and also provide higher quality air. And this also applies to the bathroom! However, the problem in bringing plants into the bathroom is the conditions in the room, such as lighting, humidity levels, and also excess water. Bringing bathroom plants low light is the perfect idea to improve the appearance in the bathroom and make the bathroom more powerful.

You will get more than 10 types of plants to be brought into the house, but when talking about how a good choice to bring plants into the bathroom you must consider several factors such as humidity, light, and also irregular temperature changes. For that choice of bathroom plants low light would be better to decorate the bathroom, here are some considerations of low light plants that you can bring into the bathroom.

Best Bathroom Plants Low Light

Best Bathroom Plants Low Light
Best Bathroom Plants Low Light

Asparagus Fern
The first consideration of bathroom plants low light is Asparagus Fern, this plant is a plant that really likes the humidity in the bathroom. They are a good choice for bathroom plants low light because you have the ease of placement in areas with moderate and bright lighting. You can place this plant near a window for optimal results. The altitude that reaches 2 feet and width of branches up to 6 feet can make the bathroom feel full of plants, this plant will be good in the bathroom for up to 2 years before you do the repotting.

Begonia is a good choice for your bathroom plants low light, they are choices that will grow better in containers. Not only that, but begonias are also a choice that will like a warm placement and moist area on the bathroom shelf. The appearance of leaves that attracts attention and the ease of growing in the bathroom makes this plant the plant of choice for your bathroom. Humid areas of bathrooms are the most sensible areas to make them grow and grow (but don’t like waterlogged soils). The color variations of this plant include light green, dark green, bronze, and many more. You will find varies that will bloom beautifully and some have a pattern on the leaf.

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This plant is a plant idea that is suitable for areas where many plants will not survive there. The appearance of flowers with bright colors and blooms for a few weeks makes them a worthy choice in the bathroom. This plant also has epiphytic properties or is a plant that will draw moisture from the air, with this nature makes this plant a good choice to be in a bathroom that has a moist area on each side.

Aspidistra elatior
Present as a choice of good home plants with low maintenance, Aspidistra elatior is a tropical plant that grows to a height of up to 3 feet. These plants are not good enough for low light bathroom plants, but with their charming appearance, they should be considered for guest bathrooms. Low and indirect lighting is a good idea to place it.

Chinese Evergreen
Chinese firs come with more than 20 species to take home, tropical plants with a texture of rough leaves that grow in this tropical area will grow well even when you don’t have time to care for them. Although they like humid temperatures, dry air is not a big problem for him.

Croton will come with a variety of display colors that vary for you to choose from. With their striking leaves, a multi-colored display makes them the choice of plants with more variety to display. This plant can grow up to 6 feet when you find less space for it does not bring it home.

Dumb Cane
Dumb cane or better known as botany dieffenbachia is an option for low light bathroom plants with low maintenance. They are plants that only need watering when the soil is completely dry a few inches below the surface. Even though they are low maintenance plants, it does not mean that they do not need light. When winter comes, they need more sunlight to keep them growing and green.

Ferns are plants that will handle temperature fluctuations in the bathroom, and ferns are a choice for plants that like moist areas in the bathroom. You can even take it to the shower area, or in an area where ferns can soak all day. Considerations for bathroom ferns such as Boston ferns, maidenhair ferns, bird nest ferns, and buttoned ferns.

This plant is not a good choice where you have cold wind or a spontaneous burst of heat in the bathroom. However, these plants will like moist areas in the bathroom but the main requirement when bringing them into the bathroom is that you have the right to provide enough sunlight to grow to make Gardenia grow.

This plant has hundreds of family species. You will find more orchid choices that will be good to place in the bathroom, orchids can be planted on the ground and some can be epiphytic plants. Grouping orchids in one area will create a stunning display for an ornamental plant show.

Peace Lily
The lily piece comes with an eye-catching appearance and low maintenance. These plants like the humid area of the bathroom, and do not let the soil dry. Lighting with limited light is a good thing for him, but when they don’t flower, maybe moving it to a brighter area can help.

When we talk about bathroom plants low light, we are not talking about a plant that will grow in a really dark area. As strong as any plant, they will still need sunlight to continue to grow and live. You have to understand the meaning of low light not without light!

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