Bathroom Plants

The bathroom is still a bathroom! The most humid area in the house, the bathroom becomes a space that must be given a little freshness to make it more comfortable and pleasant. One of the best ways to make the air in the bathroom fresher is with bathroom plants. You will get a variety of plants in the bathroom, of course, this is triggered because the character of the bathroom has a temperature fluctuation, extra humidity, and also the intensity of incoming sunlight.

For plants in the bathroom, you should pay attention to plants that have minimal maintenance and can adapt to the room. You should do the targeting for bathroom plants, with plants that can grow well in humid environments or warm areas in the bathroom. So which plants can adapt in the bathroom? One way to determine bathroom plants is by knowing where they grow. Or with the label “TROpical”, tropical plants will grow better in moist areas and this means the bathroom. The following is a list of bathroom plants that must be considered.

List of Bathroom Plants

List Of Bathroom Plants

List Of Bathroom Plants

Get acquainted with Pothos, plants that are suitable to be placed in the bathroom! Pothos are plants that like and can be placed in areas of moderate to low light, even in indirect light they can also grow. This plant is the perfect choice for plants that are on your bathroom shelf. Pothos are plants that don’t care about the humidity of the air, but with their flexibility with lighting levels, they are a good choice for bathrooms.

Ease of care is the hallmarks of pothos! In addition, pothos is an option for plants that have a fast planting rate and can be hung or placed in a corner of the room.

This is the choice of plants that will give you fresh air every time next is Tillandsia, they are also often known as the air factory. These plants are preferred because they easily absorb the moisture generated from the shower and also the bathtub. Plants that do not need a mixture of storage and pots make them plants that provide more free areas in the bathroom.

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Swift’s nest
This plant also has the ease of placement because they prefer to be placed in indirect, and medium lighting. Avoid window areas to place them, placing them in the corner of the room above the shelf or on the side of the sink can be better! They are present as more practical plants for your room. With large swaying leaves provide an instant forest vibration effect for the room.

Staghorn Fern
This plant is the same as a swallow’s nest! They are plants that are present for extra moisture in the bathroom, even when placed near the bathtub they will not wither or get angry. However, even though they like moist areas, these plants also require low-scale sunlight to shine in indirect flushes. The most pleasant area to place plants on this one is the area in the bathroom window or by hanging it on the wall.

This one bathroom plant has tree habitat, so using a piece of wood to support it will work for him.

Calathea “Freddie”
This is a great plant choice to make your bathroom more charming and fresh! These plants live in humid areas and make them suitable farmers to be in the bathroom. Moderate light, and not directly makes you have flexibility in placement. Even when you don’t have a large enough window, they won’t make it difficult for you.

Aloe vera
Who is not familiar with this super practical and functional plant? Aloe cost can live anywhere in the kitchen, living room, and even the bathroom. Aloe vera is also known as a multi-functional plant, the gel helps you to heal burns, reduce itching, and many more benefits that you will get from using aloe.

The best placement for aloe vera is in a well-lit area, so placing near a window is the best idea.

Gardenias are one of the tropical plants which means they can survive indoors with the bathroom’s super humid air. You can place this plant in an area with bright light, or indirectly. To find this plant giving off a beautiful flower, you can place it in an area with brighter light and see this plant grow with flowers.

Snake plants are also bathroom plants that are difficult to kill. This is why snake plants are a good idea to be placed in any area of the house including the bathroom! Placing in bright areas can make them grow faster, but in a low light area will not make them fussy.

This plant even needs only a little water to grow and stay alive, so snake plants are the answer for those who are just learning to put plants into the room.

Spider Plant
For other options in the bathroom, you can consider spider plants that can tolerate low light and bright. When bringing them into the bathroom or other room, make sure you don’t give them a full beam of light because this will make them singed. This plant prefers moist areas that are more controlled, in the tub or shower area is the best choice to place it. When you want this plant to grow, you can cut it and get the mother from the spider. This is a great advantage.

One way to keep your bathroom plants alive is with sunlight. So, make sure you can bring a little light into it. Sunlight is one of the factors that will make plants grow and stay fertile.

Additional tips for bringing in bathroom plants:

  • Make sure you bring plants that can grow in areas with high humidity
  • Make sure you have a window (light coming in) into the bathroom
  • At the very least, plant placement is a humid area not an area with direct water droplets

So after you finish reading this article, you are now ready to shop for ornamental plants and get the best plants for your bathroom.

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