Bathroom Recessed Lighting

The bathroom is one of the most important spaces in the house. Same with other rooms available, the bathroom must have a bright and bright appearance to show how the design is in it. Although it has a very simple shape and design, bathroom recessed lighting has a great impact on the lighting in the room. By using hidden lighting, you will get lighting that leads to getting out of the bathroom without having to crash into your furniture.

Bathroom recessed lighting will also show the original benthic or design in the bathroom and be a way to minimize unpleasant shadows in the room. To make it easier for you to design and place Bathroom Recessed Lighting, make sure you bring a pen and paper to note the tricks and tips that we write.

Bathroom recessed lighting

Easy Trick Install Bathroom Recessed Lighting By Yourself

Basically, this lighting functions as lighting that will provide additional light and lighting in some hidden areas or aimed at maximizing the existing form of furniture in your bathroom.

  • Accent light; is an idea of ​​lighting options that are intended to provide additional value from the decorations in the room (wall art, Cemin vanity) placement of hidden lighting at the top can display and maximize the existing display.
  • Task Type; This lighting is the biggest light source in the bathroom, by using this lighting you can carry out activities in the bathroom without obstruction. Placement of hidden lighting in the bathroom is usually placed on the dressing table area or in the bathtub with your notes must use a bulb or humidity resistant lighting.
  • Ambient; This light is light that will be in every dark corner of the bathroom with the aim to flatten the lighting in the room.

Distance Placement

To get perfect results in bathroom lighting, you must take into account the placement and also the distance from each lamp. Do the ceiling height division to 50% of the existing height (When having a room with a size of 12 feet, then the best placement is with the distance 6 feet) placement or distance from good lighting is when you give full lighting in the room, without having to flood the room.

However, this is not an absolute rule for lighting in the bathroom. You can provide more lighting in the fig mirror (vanity), or can leave the area with lighting that is already abundant. So, the selection of a good placement is the goal of placement and distance from each existing lighting.

Small Bathroom Lighting More Luminous

Size of recessed lighting
Basically, hidden lighting comes in a variety of displays and also of different sizes, the bathroom area may require different sizes of different lighting from each other. The use of recessed lighting with a small size will fit inside a small bathroom area, or create a zone in the room. All choices are different from the intended use of lighting and the needs in the room!

The trick is using recessed lighting in the vanity area
Besides having a function as the lighting in areas that are less illuminated, hidden lighting can also be used as lighting that will illuminate and make your vanity area more stylish. Here are the tricks to make the vanity area more stylish with hidden lighting:

  • Measurement; make sure you take measurements for areas that will get hidden lighting. For example, when you want to bring hidden lighting in the dressing area you have to take measurements between the two existing walls. The bathroom recessed lighting must be in the right place to maximize the appearance in the room, so make sure that you take measurements for the distance from one lighting to another.
  • Calculate the number of lightbulbs; after taking measurements on the area that will get the bathroom recessed lighting, then you can take into consideration how much lighting you will carry. For general lighting, you can use one or two lighting sources. And for task lighting, you can bring some hidden lighting to maximize viewing.
  • Placement; Placement has a really important role to maximize display in vanity, but to make it easier to assume we have a 60-inch vanity when using 2 recessed lightings, 20-inch placement is a good idea to get a symmetrical display. Make a measurement with the depth of the dressing table from the wall to the counter and then divide it into two, the result is the distance for the ceiling lighting from the wall.

Using downlights is the best idea for making shadows and might bother you a little, using wall sconce lights on both sides of the mirror is the answer to this problem!

Tricks for a more elegant and charming look:

  • Simplicity; In a small bathroom, using recessed lighting with a size large enough is enough to emit lighting throughout the room. However, it is different when you have a room with a size large enough! You have to look at the existing light lines, and add some lighting around it to maximize the appearance.
  • Cohesive Display; You won’t get just a note for hidden lighting trim. Perform variations by using black, chrome, or even gold tones. Using a variety of colors will maximize the appearance of the room and enhance the style in your bathroom.
  • Consider a dimmer; What else can beat the tone of romance from using dimmers in the bathroom? You can get full lighting in the room there or can make lighting more romantic by slightly dimming the light using a dimmer.

Bulb Choices
In addition to considering the placement of lighting, you also have to make a selection from the bulb that you have because the selection of the bulb will affect the existing intensity. The following considerations for choosing a good bulb:

  • Color; Indexing the color or CRI, by doing so you can get information on how many colors will appear and illuminate the room. Color accuracy plays a good role in your selection, when choosing CRI in the dressing table area you can use 90% upwards to maximize the appearance. And in the toilet area, or bathtub will be better in the range of 85-90%.
  • Temperature; To display lighting with warm tones you can use a bulb with a temperature of 2,000k-3,000k, and for a brighter display and a temperature of 3,500k-7,000k is a good choice.
  • Bulb; You can use your choice with incandescent, halogen, or LED lighting in the bathroom’s recessed lighting. The choice can be based on the style you are using. However, LED lighting is the most used!

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