Are you getting bored with the look of the bathroom in your house? Or want to create a better oasis in it? This means your bathroom needs a little makeover or needs a little spice up!

No matter what bathroom design you have, the room deserves a boost in appeal! Try using this Bathroom Remodeling Guide to minimize expenses and make it easier for you to do it.

Define Your Area Makeover!

The first Bathroom Remodeling Guide is to find out how big the area to be remodeling! Because the fact is, to minimize expenses you don’t need to renovate every inch of the room. What needs to be done in remodeling a room is knowing what to replace, and which ones can still be used!

When you find an area that is less pleasant, try to look at it! Maybe, you just need to clean it not replace it.

Bathroom Remodeling Guide by confirming your budget!

Bathroom renovation projects cannot be underestimated! Every project from one owner to another owner can be different. And what has the most impact on the budget is the size, level of renovation, use of materials, and also the difficulty level of your renovation.

For a non-skilled project, you can cut costs even less than $ 1,000. Projects for a mid-sized bathroom with a toilet, replacement floor, tub, and shower area can save you around $ 5,000- $ 20,000, and upscale can be over $ 20,000.

Find Your Contractor!

The Bathroom Remodeling Guide by itself will make you do it all! From searching for materials, determining the duration of work, and so on. However, when you work with a good contractor it will be easier for you to find the best material (according to the contractor’s recommendation), chat directly with the architect, and create a workflow that fits the existing bugged!

Floor plan

The bathroom floor plan will be determined based on the existing layout! This is because many services are not easy to move. A water supply and drainage would certainly be on the same wall.

However, when you want to move all the services within the bathroom make sure you have enough funds for this moving project!

Overhaul permit

The next Bathroom Remodeling Guide is to ensure that the electrical and plumbing work that you will do can be done or does not violate the code of ethics! To renovate a sink or replace a floor, you don’t need a permit. However, for plumbing and electricity make sure you seek permission first!

If you are doing a mid to high-end renovation, maybe you should start by removing the shower, toilet, sink, floor, etc. and then you will combine or rearrange your bathroom!

Electrical system or piping

If you are looking to undertake a large-scale renovation, then an overhaul of the plumbing and electrical services will make your job easier!

Installation of your Shower as well as your Bathtub

The next Bathroom Remodeling Guide concerns the biggest subprojects! This is where you install and combine your existing shower and bathtub! Because this work will be done by the subcontractor, not your plumber anymore.

This job can take several days, even when the tiles start to show the project can take several weeks!

Paint your walls

Bathroom Remodeling Guide Must Know

Bathroom Remodeling Guide Must Know

The open wall in the bathroom as well as various elements that have not been installed will make it easier for you to make color changes in the bathroom. And the choice of using satin or semi-gloss paint will make the walls last longer than bathroom moisture!

Floor installation

Bathroom Remodeling Guide on the floor area requires you to get the best floor, with durability and a charming appearance. Options like porcelain tile, natural stone, or luxury vinyl can be costly but with results worth considering.

To minimize expenses on your renovation project, some of these floor options can be considered!

Toilet Installation

The next Bathroom Remodeling Guide is installing your toilet! No need to worry, this renovation project will not last long, even it only takes 1-3 hours (provided that each hookup is in place).

Fan in bathroom

Adequate ventilation is the key to a fresh, mildew-free bathroom! Even if you are well ventilated with multiple windows, the addition of a fan is an idea not to be missed!

Bathroom furnishings

The last Bathroom Remodeling Guide is to install a variety of bathroom furniture! Why is this project in the last order? We think this project takes quite a bit of time for placement considerations, which is why you should carefully and carefully consider where to do the installation!

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