Bathroom Vanity Lighting Ideas

When talking about room lighting, we will be dealing with various types of space with their respective functions. Like the bathroom, the room is full of humidity, and also full of functions has become one of the most challenging spaces for lighting placement. As with vanity, bathroom vanity lighting ideas come with a variety of choices that will determine how the impression of the area itself.

Lighting in vanity has a function to illuminate the face when you want to decorate or shave. No wonder there are many ways to brighten vanity, but how will you make a choice to make it more radiant and functional? Bathroom vanity lighting ideas not only aim to get you the right lighting for make-up but also how this area will make the bathroom more attractive.

Bathroom Vanity Lighting Ideas More Bring

Bathroom Vanity Lighting Ideas To Maximize Display

Bathroom Vanity Lighting Ideas To Maximize Display

Vanity area lighting selection tricks?
Not difficult but also not as easy as you think! That’s what I said to those who wanted to get maximum light in their vanity area. However, good news comes for those of you who want lighting according to the style in the room. You have more wall lighting and also makeup lights that will give you lighting that is perfect and perfect for your bathroom. However, before investing your money to shop for lighting make sure to answer this question.

1. How to choose lighting in a good mirror area?
Lighting for the vanity area is actually functioned as makeup lighting, which means you have to get a comfortable area without any disturbance from the shadows that are generated on your lighting placement. A good placement in the dressing area is on the top, and next to the mirror. When you only use one lighting source, this will never work! So, at least bring two light sources that surround the mirror to minimize the image that is created.

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The idea of ​​choosing good lighting for the vanity area can be divided into two viz:

  • CRI Lighting (Color Rendering Index)
    The choice of using a fixture that has 90 more CRI is an idea to make the display more attractive in the bathroom. Incandescent and halogen lighting sources with 100 CRI are our favorite because they will provide a more accurate color display. And for the choice of using a more efficient LED or neon light, you can use 90 CRI so that you get a better color rendering.
  • Color temperature, for choices based on the temperature you can use temperatures that have a warm display or (2,700k-3,000k). The use of warmer temperatures in the vanity area is a better choice because it will emit incandescent light tones that are commonly used in most homeowners.

2. A good height for lighting?
Within the size of the American Lighting Association, the recommended height for mounting lighting on each side of the mirror is in the middle with 60 “height and 28” apart with a height of about 78 “.

3. A good angle in lighting?
Basically, a good angle is at 45 degrees, but the installation also depends on the dimensions of the mirror and also your medicine cabinet. A diffuser-enclosed fixture is a choice that will provide the most comfortable lighting, and you don’t need to use a tilted wall lamp. The use of LED makeup lights with Bardot, Audrey, or Twiggy hinges is an idea that is worth considering.

4. Energy-saving choice?
Using lighting in an energy-saving vanity area with LEDs is available to make your vanity area shine more. The use of LEDs and also NEON come for installation in the bathroom area, in fact, they are an option for energy-efficient options with good durability, and not even the little LED Bath bar or LED Vanity that you can get with a dimmer.

And make sure you also bring lighting fixtures that have anti-wet labels. Remember this is the bathroom, the humid and wetest room in the house. Shower area, bathtub, and vanity have the same humidity level.

5. How much lighting is good?
There is more work to be done in the bathroom, so why not use layered lighting to maximize the functionality in it? The use of layered lighting is the most sensible idea to maximize the function and lighting in the bathroom. Lighting around 50-75 feet on the face is a reasonable idea.

Layered lighting can be interpreted as a combination of lighting, it has the aim to facilitate every activity you will do there from shaving, makeup, facial care, and also some other common tasks. The use of lighting rods, makeup lamps, and downlights is a smart idea.

The use of sconce walls, small hanging lamps, and also LEDs will be a choice of lamps with a good job function for bathroom vanity lighting ideas.

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