Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas For More Art

You are bored with the look of your bathroom and you want to make it a little more interesting? How about we update the look of our bathroom without spending a lot of investment in your room? There are several ways to make your bathroom have a new look without having to spend too much. The addition of your wall art is a brilliant idea for you to apply in your bathroom, be creative and make decorations for your walls without spending a lot of money to do it.

Bathroom Wall Decoration
Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas For More Art

Use frames and wallpapers to add an artistic feel to your bathroom. You can try installing a thin foam board and laying a framework for your wallpaper before finally hanging it. Choosing wallpaper for the bathroom is a matter of your taste, pour what you think and make it stick as wallpaper in your bathroom. Create dramatic effects for your wallpaper and create the latest look for your bathroom with this art that you created.

Use the appearance by spelling your name with papier-mache, papier-mache is not an expensive thing, they are lightweight and you can adjust to your style. Make words as simple as your name, Bath, Clean or whatever you like according to your theme and style. After determining the theme and your letter determine the colors that will make them attractive to your bathroom.

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Beach Theme
Using decorations for your bathroom in beach style is a fun idea for your bathroom, wall art that involves the accent of shells, sea animals, and nautical nuances is truly a pleasant decoration. You can draw them with your paint or maybe you can put a few pieces of wood shape to show the nautical atmosphere in your bathroom.

Painting canvas
You might not be a master of painting and creating fun art. The idea of decorating your bathroom wall is not as complicated as you think, using a canvas that you paint is an easy and creative idea for you to try. Design your drawing simply or make a big statement on your canvas. Paint your background color with a solid color and use white paint to write your message on your canvas. An easy and creative way to make your bathroom stylish and more elegant isn’t it?

Toilet paper
How about changing your toilet paper and making it a recycled work of art? Use a large canvas and paint the color according to the scheme in your bathroom. Cut the carton into 1-inch pieces. Put it on a canvas and make them into an attractive decoration. Shape your paper to your liking and stick it using hot glue, a simple and environmentally friendly project.

Photo frame
If you are too busy to make decorations in your bathroom, one of the quickest ways to make decorations in your bathroom is to use hanging framed photos in the bathroom. Finishing framed black-and-white photos will be very interesting and will create a dramatic effect in your bathroom. Instead of hanging a large photo with a frame in your bathroom, what if you try to use a few small photos to decorate your bathroom, the past memories effect will radiate from your decor.

The mirror also plays an important role in your bathroom wall art. In addition to adding to the artsy impression of your bathroom, mirrors also emit light and create greater illusions into your bathroom. Look for a mirror with an attractive frame to add a decorative impression in your bathroom, or use several mirrors to make your bathroom shine more.

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