Bedroom Cleaning Tips

Prepare your little notes and get the most effective bedroom cleaning tips for your bedroom! Quick cleaning of the bedroom in the spring is a very pleasant job in my personal opinion. And when cleaning a bedroom, doing a thorough cleaning there becomes a lot of fun. Perform optimization of cleaning at every nook, cranny, folding pillows, and also tidying clothes in the cabinet or closet.

I did a study on how to effectively clean bedrooms, and now I will share bedroom cleaning tips for all of you.

Follow These Bedroom Cleaning Tips

Bedroom Cleaning Tips for Maximum Results

Bedroom Cleaning Tips for Maximum Results

Organize your clothes
When you have a wardrobe full of clothes, this can be a real pain! So, bedroom cleaning tips for optimizing storage in the closet is to use the 2-year rule. This is a rule when you have clothes that are neatly tucked away in the cabinet but haven’t been used for the last 2 years, then these clothes are mandatory to throw away (get rid of).

Clean your pillow and wash it! Having a soft and clean pillow will improve sleep quality and comfort. Making the pillow softer and more comfortable can be done when you dry it! Using 2-3 tennis balls in the dryer will make the pillow softer and more comfortable.

Arrange the bed
Like basic bedroom cleaning tips, right? Although this is a basic bedroom cleaning project, this way you will have better sleep quality. A neatly arranged bed, clean from dust, and other small particles will improve the quality of your sleep.

When you are trying to arrange the sheets on the bed, make sure to fold them properly and tight to ensure your comfort.

Sweep the dust from top to bottom
Don’t forget how to clean your bedroom, without having to do repetitive work. Always sweep from top to bottom over each area. Bedroom cleaning tips are very simple but work well in your room.

Make sure you work on every inch of space available.

When you do your vacuuming in the bedroom, make sure to do a thorough vacuum in the space. Many of the space users forget that they also have hidden (untouched) areas. When cleaning your bedroom, make sure to vacuum every inch of space including the bottom of the bed, under the bed, and in the cabinets.

Bedroom Cleaning Hack Will Help You

Bedroom cleaning tips for cleaning curtains is when you are trying to wash them, make sure to use a detergent that is reliable and suitable for your curtain material. Do not let the curtains bleed or even get damaged by the wrong detergent.

Remove Gunk on Windows
Dirt on the window really disturbs your view? Remove easily by using a little baking soda and vinegar on top of the dirt. When you find them starting to bubble, scrub them gently, then soak and wipe with a damp cloth. These bedroom cleaning tips are tricks that will really work for you.

Bedside Table
Don’t forget your side table! Bedroom cleaning tips without cleaning the side table will certainly not be complete and maximal. Make sure to get rid of any items you don’t use, and make sure to leave out items you need.

Clean the wood cabinets
Use a flat glass of beer to make your wooden cabinets even more shiny and shiny. You only need a beer and wipe it with a cloth, then take another cloth to dry! Simple isn’t it?

If you are one of the fans of various makeup brushes and have various makeup options in your dressing table area. So, arranging the dressing table will help you get the items you need more easily. Make sure to place the brushes in one container, and arrange the other items in an orderly order for your ease of navigation.

The mirror in the bedroom will often get stained with hairspray or annoying grime! Use a little rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and scrub the dirt on your mirror. Also, use a DIY glass cleaner with a mixture of vinegar and water for better results.

Make the Rugs More Fragrant
This one-bedroom cleaning tip will help you get even more fragrant rugs! Use baking soda, cornstarch, and add your favorite scent then sprinkle it over the rugs. Leave it for one night and in the morning, use a vacuum to vacuum it.

Empty the Recycle Bin
The last bedroom cleaning tip is to empty the wastebasket. This is a trifle, but if you leave the wastebasket full it won’t be fun!

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