Are you one of those people who have a messy bedroom? This means this is the most appropriate time for Bedroom decluttering! Decluttering is the most appropriate step to maintain and increase the feeling of comfort in a room including the bedroom!

Tidying up an entire house can be a very tiring and ineffective project to do all at once. It is wiser to schedule decluttering projects one at a time. For now, we can start with a Bedroom decluttering project to improve our sleep quality.

Many people may feel that their bedroom is too messy or too chaotic, so this will increase the stress level of its users. In this post, we will share smart tricks to keep your bedroom tidy and win without having to overwhelm you in tidying it up.

Maybe this bedroom decluttering project cannot be done at once for those who are very busy. If this happens, then try to set aside 10-20 minutes each day to start this project.

First Steps Bedroom Decluttering

7 Bedroom Decluttering

7 Bedroom Decluttering

Before starting a decluttering project, there are a number of things that must be considered, the following are mandatory things that must be prepared before starting:

  1. A box of baskets for the items in the room
  2. Basket for donation items
  3. One basket for items that are not needed
  4.  And cleaning tools

If the area in the bedroom is not sufficient to deal with some of the items above, then you can put it outside the door first. And now we can start working on the decluttering project!

Starting From Your Bed

Not infrequently you will find a lot of items in the bed area and this will really interfere with this decluttering project. If there’s been too much in the bed, then you need to start cleaning this area! Start sorting into 3 options (need items, trash items, and items to donate).

Clearing the bed area of unnecessary items will provide peace, comfort, and an additional area for your sporting.

Constantly cleaning your bed will make it easier for you to declutter in other areas. And if this project can’t be completed in one day, at least you still have a place to rest comfortably every night.


The next step for a bedroom cleaning project is to take out the dirty clothes to start washing. Always fold clean clothes neatly and place them neatly in the closet.

Dirty clothes should be in the washing area, or at least you should have a basket to sort dirty clothes.

Nightstand area

In this area, you can simply clean up the nightstand area and sort the items there. The nightstand area should only accommodate functional items! So, make sure what items you need here, whether it’s a magazine, a lamp, or so on.

Floor Area

You must have understood very well what I was talking about right? Yes, the floor area is a very valuable area, especially for those who have a room with a minimalist size.

Various clutter on the floor area can have a big impact on the appearance and comfort of its users. So in the bedroom decluttering project, we can start cleaning up the various items scattered there.

Throw away items that are no longer in use, return items that shouldn’t be in the bedroom, and put back items that are out of place.

If you are a home worker with a lot of paper waste scattered, then immediately clean up the existing paper waste. Thoroughly cleaning the floor area will make the bedroom more organized and provide a clearer flow of traffic there.

These Best Bed Placement Your Must Know!

Sort your Books And DVD movies

7 Bedroom Decluttering Checklist

7 Bedroom Decluttering Checklist

If you have reading books in the bedroom, then try to start sorting books that you have finished reading or are not using anymore. Make sure to only keep the books you actually use, as this will free up more space in your bedroom.

Jewelry and Accessories

Some people definitely like the use of accessories to give more confidence. However, sometimes some people are too much when collecting accessories.

Even though accessories and jewelry are not large items when they are not arranged in such a way they can spoil the visual view of your bedroom.

Look closely

Done with decluttering the bedroom, then try to pay attention to your surroundings and re-evaluate your furniture. Start getting rid of unused furniture and decorations.

The final touch of a decluttering bedroom

  • Return scattered items to their original places.
  • Clean any existing dust (from floors and other vertical areas).
  • Clean up electronic items that are not in use
  • Tidy up various decorative items to keep the space visually.

Decluttering bedroom items

Surely after the decluttering project is complete, you will find some items left over. Then what is the most effective way for these items? Donate is the most appropriate and easy answer for the various items you have sorted. Besides not needing to save anymore, you can provide a more free area in the house.

Keep the bedroom tidy

The trick that you have to do after the decluttering bedroom project is finished is to always maintain cleanliness and order in it. There are several ways that can be stiffened, including:
1. Folding the most important items on the bed (mattress).
2. Always return items after use.
3. Wipe the dust every once a week.

So that the comfortable feel in the bedroom doesn’t fade, then you have to maintain the neatness and orderliness of the various items that are there!

Try Sedentary Time In Bed

Take a few while you’re in bed and see where the chaos gathers! Ask yourself how to prevent or prevent clutter from gathering there.

Woven baskets can be a great option and are very versatile for collecting different clutter in there. Baskets can keep the bedroom from dirty clothes and some trash.

So the decluttering bedroom project above you can do personally and can be a solution to keep the room comfortable all day long.

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