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Sleep time should be the most comfortable time of every day, a time when you release all your fatigue and busyness after working or doing activities throughout the day. But you do not get comfort during sleep and just turn the body throughout the night? Difficult to sleep, and you are required to wake up early every day? And then you blame your cellphone?
Don’t be quick to blame your cellphone! Maybe the decorations in your bedroom also have a role in your sleep disorders. Maybe, you never thought how window treatments and also the arrangement of furniture in the bedroom have an important role in the quality of sleep? The fact is that the decoration and arrangement of the bedroom will help you to get a better quality night’s sleep.

Bedroom Decoration Mistakes That Will Interrupt Your Sleep

Bedroom Decoration Mistakes That Will Interrupt Your Sleep min

Reducing clutter in the bedroom and slightly reducing lighting during sleep can help you to get quality sleep! Before you get too depressed about how you sleep, it’s a good idea to study this article to find out how decoration can affect your sleep.
Remove Clutter On Your Nightstand.
Basically, chaos in the house Will increase the stress of the occupants of the house and that’s right! No exception for your bedroom, Nightstand. Do you see what you do? Stacks of tall books, paper, and also messy data charging cables? Hmm, this triggers your sleep quality and this disorder will disrupt your good night’s sleep.
To create peace in the bedroom, you can start by cleaning the surface closest to your bed (Nightstand). Give a little free space on your nightstand for a glass of water and you should also consider keeping a little away from your cellphone while sleeping, a little far away.
Wrong Window Treatments.
Pay attention to your window and also the light across the window that illuminates your room isn’t this very annoying? and the light is shining until morning right? Even a study states that adults over the age of 60 years will need sleeping pills when they are in bright light to get comfort during their sleep.
Or, you can invest your funds to buy bedroom curtains to block out the outside light and make the room feel a little dark to make it easier to sleep. Dark shades in the bedroom or by using curtains to keep the room out will make you sleep better even up to 8 hours.
Your Mobile Placement.
Basically, we will continue to play mobile every night until we feel drowsiness, and this will make you dependent on your mobile and make you sleep less soundly. So, if you keep your charger on a nightstand and you can reach it easily it’s time to keep your mobile away! You need to know the rays emitted from your mobile will hurt the quality of your sleep.
Moving your Mobile charger to the other side of the room where you need to get out of bed will help you to get a better quality of sleep. And you will not dependency to see your cellphone every night.
Color selection in the room.
If you have difficulty falling asleep and continue to stare at your surroundings, maybe you should be aware of the impact of the colors in your room. Remember! Color has a role to play your mood. Like the bright red color that will make you more excited and passionate, if you use bright tones in the bedroom maybe it’s time to change colors in the bedroom with calmer tones such as blue and also green.
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Desk in the bedroom.
Perhaps many do not realize the true function of the bedroom is to sleep and also relax and let your brain feel calm in your bedroom. Even a desk in your room can disturb your sleep a little, with a desk in the bedroom you will tend to sit at the desk and play your mobile or laptop. Maybe moving a table in the living room can be an alternative to making your sleep more quality and keeping you from stress.
Bed Placement.
Remember the Feng-Shui decoration? Feng-Shui-style decoration has taught that positioning the sleeping bed will make your sleep quality better and more comfortable. Like when you position your bed for a head against a sturdy wall. And give the bed a place far from the entrance, but still allows you to pay attention to your door while lying down.

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