Bedroom Lighting Ceiling Fixtures

When talking about space that is used more for resting and replenishing stamina, a darker (dimmer) room is a better choice for restoring stamina. And sometimes because of this, many of the homeowners ignore the lighting in their bedroom. Although the bedroom is better if the lighting is dim or dramatic. However, that does not mean for 24 hours a bedroom has to be dim. Getting to bed, getting dressed, reading, playing games, and relaxing waw this is busier than you think right? Activities other than sleeping still need lighting, and the choice of bedroom lighting ceiling fixtures will help you to do activities other than sleeping.

In our opinion, bedroom lighting ceiling fixtures must be in the bedroom because this lighting can be input into the largest lighting source in any room. And for bedrooms, this type of lighting is an obligation to get.

Best Bedroom Lighting Ceiling Fixtures

Bedroom Lighting Ceiling Fixture

Bedroom lighting ceiling fixtures are available in 5 ceiling lighting to choose from, including:

1. Flush-Mount
A flush-mount fixture is the most commonly used option for the overhead area. This fixture sits on the ceiling with a light bulb covered with decorative glass or covered with a bowl-shaped lid or another unique lid.

This fixture provides more dramatic lighting, you have to match the style in it to complete the style. Options with metal trim, glass, and custom shapes are usually a favorite to complete the look of the room.

Flush-mount selection considerations:

  • You can use a flush mount for an elegant look on ceilings 9 feet tall or lower
  • A closed or glass flush-mount can reduce glare in the bedroom when you lie down
  • For the bedroom frosted coverings is a better idea

It’s Really Effective Small Bedroom Lighting

2. Semi Flush-Mount For bedroom lighting ceiling fixtures
This one is an almost Flush-Mounted option, and the semi-Flush-Mount option is no less than the Flush-Mount option. What distinguishes them is only the appearance of the flush-mounted semi, down a few inches with a short stem. The shape of them is also more numerous, even the use of this semi-flush-mount can be suitable for various spaces in the house. Views with clear glass, exposed plinths, and also of shiny copper can be very nice in a living room but too dazzling for a bedroom.

Selection tricks:

  • Using bedroom lighting ceiling fixtures on this one is better at 10 feet and higher
  • Choose a size that complements your room
  • Additional dimmers to adjust light intensity could be better.

3. Pedant 
The use of a pedant is a more common choice for a room, especially for a bedroom. Pedants are bedroom lighting ceiling fixtures that suit 10 feet and higher. Pedants can be beside the bed or hanging over the nightstand can be a more effective option. This lamp is a versatile choice and is the dream of many homeowners for a splash of contemporary or modern look.


  • Hanging a pedant at 10 feet or higher is a better choice for bedrooms.
  • Dropping on a nightstand has two functions
  • Pedants that are used as general lighting will be better placed in the middle of the room
  • Use a pedant view that has a lighting filter, rather than a pedant with too clear glass for your break room.

4. Ceiling Fan With light
This one is also a list of options for ceiling lighting considerations. The fan and light source together, let you get both the light and the item for temperature control at the same time. Choose a luminous fan with a bowl lining for a more elegant look to your bedroom.

Selection tricks:

  • Lighting installations like this can be installed in a flat, semi-flat position, and also one foot in height.
  • Fan lighting options are not for those with low ceilinged bedrooms.
  • A variety of fan looks and designs range from casual, rustic, and sleek to contemporary styles.

5. Chandeliers
Chandeliers are often referred to as lighting fixtures with a formal appearance. This lamp has a look that adds luxury, a sense of drama, and also makes the space more elegant. You can get more choices of chandeliers with a look that matches the style in your bedroom. For a small space, choose a chandelier with a sleek design, with hanging lamps that exude a contemporary or minimalist look.


  • Make sure it has a high enough ceiling
  • Chandeliers can be used as a counterweight to space, pay attention to the diameter of your choice
  • This lamp has more options to take home, with a wide choice of light intensity as well as the number of available bulbs

Bedroom lighting ceiling fixtures are a lighting option that will give you a thorough burst of light for any space. However, for the bedroom, you must pay attention to how the light you use can provide comfort during a good night’s sleep.

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