The bedroom is the most suitable place to relax, unwind, and recharge after a day of activities. Creating a comfortable atmosphere in it will increase the sense of comfort when you use it. One powerful way to get a sense of comfort is to use lighting.

Well-configured lighting will make your space completely suited for relaxation. To optimize bedroom lighting, we’ve created a bedroom lighting guide that you can put into practice!

In this case, you should know about the placement of multiple layers of lighting such as ambient, accent, and also task. Here’s a bedroom lighting guide that you can try!

Different Types of Lighting

Remember that the bedroom is not just a bedroom! However, various activities can occur there. Various activities such as relaxing, reading books, watching movies, even working can take place there. For this reason, you should bring in several light sources to get a supportive atmosphere for every activity you are going to do.

And when bringing in multiple light sources, make sure you create balance in them! Here are the right types of lighting to create a comfortable atmosphere in the room:

Ambient Type Lighting

This type is also often referred to as general lighting. This lighting is the basic fixture in any lighting scheme to get the best ambiance. This type will present more lighting with a wider range (almost the entire room). By combining it with natural light and skylights, you will illuminate the entire existing room.

Bedroom Accent Lighting

Once you’ve built a solid base with your ambient lights, and added task lights for the tasks you need, consider investing in some accent lights. This lamp provides a soft, inviting glow similar to ambient lighting, creating a comfortable atmosphere and drawing attention to the area in which it is placed. Wall sconces, band lights, and recessed lighting are all great for adding a visually appealing embellishment to your bedroom.

Task Type Lighting

To support activities such as reading, dressing, and working. You should bring in task-type lighting that will illuminate specific areas that require additional lighting. One idea that can be used is to use table lamps, wall sconces, and pendants in several strategic areas.

In including task-type lighting, you have to determine what kind of work you will be doing! By knowing the needs that must be met, it will be easier to determine the choice of task-type lighting in your room.

To make it easier for you to set the atmosphere in the bedroom, the bedroom lighting guide that can be applied is to add a dimmer. This way, you can more easily adjust what kind of lighting intensity you want to get!

By incorporating all the types of lighting above, you will really create a comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom. This sounds very difficult, doesn’t it? Especially when you have to style the fixture and arrange it in an aesthetic and functional way. To make your choice easier, here is a bedroom lighting guide based on lighting fixtures:

Best Bedroom Lighting Fixtures


The former is the most common choice for overhead lighting. This lighting will be on the ceiling and come with a bulb covered in glass or fabric for a decorative look.

Flush Light Bedroom Lighting

Flush Light Bedroom Lighting

A bedroom lighting guide with a flush mount will work well in small to medium-sized spaces, this is overhead lighting that is worth considering. You can match the look with the style in the bedroom, when looking for a Flush-Mount you can get it in a variety of materials to choose from (metal trim, molded glass, and various unique shapes you can get).


  1. Flush-mounts are the best fixtures for low ceilings (9 feet or less).
  2. With the addition of a cover, the flush-mount will provide comfortable lighting even you won’t find glare when lying down especially when choosing opaque or marble fixtures
  3. With the addition of remote control, it will make it easier for you to turn it on or off without having to get out of bed!

Semi Flush Mount

Semi flush-mounts are an equally popular choice for your bedroom fixture! This option is a derivative of flush-mount (has a lower hanging than flush-mount). For style options, you can find a variety of style options for this fixture.

Semi Flush Bedroom Lighting

Semi Flush Bedroom Lighting

However, be sure to pay attention to the display! The choice of fixtures with clear glass, and open fixtures is indeed very suitable for the living room. However, it will be too bright for your bedroom!


  1. Its use will work more optimally when you have a ceiling with a size of more than 10 feet
  2. Make sure to choose a fixture with a size that matches the bedroom.
  3. Add a remote control or dimmer to make it easier to adjust the atmosphere in the room!


The next bedroom lighting guide is to use pendants! This chandelier that hangs on a chain or an elongated rod is a trendy and versatile fixture to enhance the appeal of your room. This fixture is also perfect for a bedroom with a contemporary style!

Pedant Bedroom Lighting

Pedant Bedroom Lighting


  1. For maximum impact, you can use a pendant 10 feet or more in height
  2. Pendants can replace table lamps! Hangers that tend to be low beside the bed will work very well to replace your desk lamp. Leave some space between the nightstand and the lamp (at least 12-20 inches)
  3. If the pendant is used as general lighting, be sure to bring it closer to the bottom of the bed or point it towards the middle of the room
  4. When choosing a pendant, make sure the lighting is not too bright, as it can disturb your sleep!

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Present as a lamp with the most formal appearance, enhance the charm of the space, and also create drama. This type of lamp can be entered into any space, however, the use of chandeliers with a smaller size is a very suitable choice to decorate your room.

Chandelier Bedroom Lighting

Chandelier Bedroom Lighting

A slimmer choice of chandeliers with a contemporary or minimalistic finish will make the bedroom even more luxurious!


  1. To use it, you must have a higher ceiling
  2. The 20-inch diameter option will be perfect for a small bedroom, while for a larger room you can use a 30-inch diameter. The idea of using it is to balance the appearance in the space.
  3. Choose chandeliers with medium and diffused light intensity!
  4. Placement in the center of the room is a better idea to maximize lighting

Hidden Lighting

However, you call it! The hidden type of lighting is a bedroom lighting guide to get a contemporary impression. In larger spaces, this lamp can be combined with another ceiling lighting for optimal impact in the room.

Hidden Bedroom Lighting

Hidden Bedroom Lighting

You can use it in any space! Existing lighting will create the illusion of a ceiling that feels higher and airier.


  • During the installation process, keep a distance of at least 3-5 feet and use 4-10 lamps to illuminate the bedroom (according to the needs and size of the room)
  • The best placement of lights is in the corner and around the bedroom
  • An additional dimmer is a must to optimize the impact of the tracking light
  • You can create a great reading area by using it!

Wall Sconces

This fixture comes in a wide selection of styles from sleek contemporary to rustic! You can easily adapt it to the style in the existing bedroom. This is a great addition to any space, and for a bedroom, you can attach it to either side of the bed.

Wall Sconce Bedroom Lighting

Wall Sconce Bedroom Lighting


  • This lamp can be used instead of a bedside table lamp
  • The swingarm option will make it easier for you to focus on areas that need extra light
  • Make sure the sconces are close enough to make it easy for you to reach them!
  • Add a cover to give the room a dramatic look.

Table lamp

Don’t forget to add lighting to your bedside! A great choice for this lighting is a table lamp, floor lamp, wall sconces, or low-hanging chandelier! When choosing it, make sure the lamp has a simple look and adds decoration to the bedroom.


  • You can get a variety of styles for your existing lights, so make sure to choose a style that complements the look in the room
  • If you use this as a reading light, look for a lamp that is higher than your nightstand
  • Make sure to place it within reach, when you want to turn it on or off you don’t have to get out of bed

With this bedroom lighting guide, it will be easier for you to create a comfortable atmosphere in your bedroom, so don’t hesitate to try it!

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