Bedroom Lighting Options

Lighting with elegant chandeliers, attractive display of wall sconces, and lamps for reading assignments as many lamps as there are in the bedroom. It remains a space where you should be able to rest in soothing and comfortable lighting. For bedroom lighting options, it can be based on several factors such as what atmosphere you want to get, corner lighting with accent lights, and a lamp for lighting the reading area.

Bedroom lighting options have various types to choose from, but good light in the bedroom is when you get a supportive atmosphere to rest and relax. To make your choice of bedroom lighting, see our trick below.

Bedroom Lighting Options You Must Have

Bedroom Lighting Options You Must Have

Bedroom Lighting Options You Must Have

First Bedroom Lighting Options Overhead Type

The choice of bedroom lighting that you must have is the overhead type (lighting above the head), this type of lighting will illuminate every side of the room with good light. The choice that can be brought into the bedroom is a modern style pendant or a pendant lamp with a traditional look, it all depends on what style you have. You can read the choice of pendant lights here.

When choosing a chandelier, make sure you get the right size! One way to determine this is to add the width and length of the room to the foot size and then convert inches to the diameter of the lamp. And keep your height at 7 feet from the floor below, while for a more dramatic look a hanger in a lower position will work.

The scale of the room with the size of the lamp really determines the impression of the existing lighting. This is why the diameter is very important to create a space atmosphere!

Accent Type
Accent type lighting is present as Bedroom Lighting Options that sets the mood of the room user. This type of accent is usually lighting for some dark spots or spots where you really need light. Such as the dressing table, floor lighting, and light in the corner. The main function of this lighting is to balance the light in the room. This type of lamp will have a smaller wattage than another lighting.

A reading area with comfortable armchairs, a modern table lamp, and a floor lamp to brighten up an empty corner in the room why not?

Bedroom Lighting Options with this type must also consider the size. Because the size of the lighting is the key to the success of creating an atmosphere in your room. The most common mistake made when choosing an accent light is that many use too many watts and the result is light flooding space (this often happens when space owners bring in the wrong size lighting).

When using a light on a nightstand, measuring 1/3 the width of the table and not having a height above the chopping head is a good choice. For a small bedroom, an overhead lamp and a pair of nightstand lamps are good for lighting. However, for a larger room, adding a floor lamp in the corner can be better.

Task Lighting
For those homeowners who like to read bedtime stories or play with their cellphones, a lamp with a task function should be included in the lighting list. A pair of wall sconces above the bed is a really ideal choice. Using sconces on both sides of the bed will give you more reading area, and are an effective type of lighting. A wall sconce with swing arms is our favorite choice, with the swing arm you can direct the lighting to areas where it really needs it.

The resulting choice of lighting also determines this sconce light, using a darker downward-facing light is especially effective for the reading area. And while the lighting is for accent and ambient, you can use a brighter light.

Bring lighting in the bedroom, you can’t just use one type of light! Bring at least two types of overhead and task light. Since one light in the bedroom is ineffective, imagine when you are reading and dozing off the overhead light is not dead, this is very wasteful, right?

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