Bedroom Nightstand Lamps

Bedroom Nightstand Lamps Options With The Right Impact

Bedroom Nightstand Lamps

When it comes to lighting systems in bedrooms, we certainly won’t find a single source of light! One of the most common sources of light in a room is bedroom nightstand lamps. Bedroom nightstand lamps work as a dual-duty light source, firstly as a task light source for a comfortable reading area and as an illuminating light for bedtime activities. Even though it sounds like a simple election task, it is not that easy! How much is needed, the size of the lampshade, the height, and the design underlying this bedroom nightstand lamps? All your questions will be explained easily, here are some ways to choose a nightstand lamp for an elegant look.

Choice For Bedroom Nightstand Lamps

Bedroom Nightstand Lamps
Bedroom Nightstand Lamps

How many?
Basically a bedside lighting alone is enough to brighten up your room. However, when you are a family, the use of a pair of lights can have a good impact on you and your partner. However, the choice of using a pair lamp on the side of the bed will work better to create balance in it. Especially for those who have a king-shaped bedroom. Even if you don’t have a partner, a large bedroom is better to have a pair of lights on the side.

How To Choose Bedroom Nightstand

Consider Bedroom Nightstand Lamps width?
Many of the room users get the wrong size for the bedside lamp because the lack of calculation of the lamp size can often be wrong and even the resulting impact is completely chaotic. Too small a light on a nightstand is really unsettling. When you have a large bed, then the use of a larger nightstand can be an option to balance the space and likewise for the selection of lights.

A good table is 2/3 the width of the mattress, and the lamp is one-third the size of the nightstand.

Bedroom Nightstand Lamps Height
Apart from the size of the nightstands, make sure you get the light height you need. Those who love bedtime books will know the impact lighting has on their reading areas! Lighting that is not right will only make your eyes hurt and even uncomfortable. Make sure the light doesn’t hurt your eyes and don’t shine it over your head. A nightstand that is the same height as the bed with a table lamp as high as the nightstand (or better, plus 1-2 inches) will provide good lighting for your reading area. A nightstand with a height of 25 inches then the light will be either at a height of 27 or 28 inches.

Also, make sure you have a light with a switch that is easy to reach without leaving the bed.

Bedroom Nightstand Lamps With Lampshade?
After finding the height and width of the bedroom nightstand lamps, it’s time to make a selection on the lampshade. The height of the lampshade is generally 2/3 the lamp body height, measuring from the bottom of the lamp to the base of the bulb and the width of the hood at least 2x the widest part of the lamp. When having shorter or thinner lamps make sure you do not use a lampshade that is larger than the width of the lamp. The base of the hood is at eye level when sitting will provide the most perfect light for reading.


  • Third: 2/3 Lamp height
  • Width: Two 2x the width of the lamp.

Consider using an opaque white hood that filters out light, and gives you a soft, comfortable light for reading. Meanwhile, the hood with bold tones adds additional decoration in the room.

Bedroom nightstand lamps come in a variety of styles, you can match the existing style in your room. Choosing a bright color will give you a light that looks charming, while the choice of the hood can also give a burst of color in the room. Options with copper, brass, chrome, or glass lamps will give the room a contemporary look. Play with existing motifs because this is where you have the opportunity to add motifs to the bedroom.


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