Bedroom Wallpaper

There are many homeowners who want a more charming look by using wallpaper in their room. This is no exception for bedroom wallpaper, there are many who want to use wallpaper in their bedroom, but very few understand how to include wallpaper and maximize the impression of their wallpaper.

You must understand that wallpaper does not only replace your blank walls and is a major design in your bedroom as a whole. Thus, we wrote this article to give you tricks in installing wallpapers to add freshness and become a simple decoration in your bedroom. Read and understand some wallpaper decoration ideas that are suitable for your bedroom. Even with a little creativity, the wallpaper will be one of your favorite designs in the bedroom!

Bedroom Wallpaper Type That Adds Freshness To Your Room

Bedroom Wallpaper Type That Adds Freshness To Your Room min

Your Color Palette Settings

The first trick is choosing a bedroom wallpaper is to make a choice of a color palette for your overall decor. Like when you want a look with a charming monochromatic palette. This means you can start by using wallpapers, beds, blankets, and also your pillow with the same tone to bring a cohesive look in your bedroom.

To use this method, the main key to decorating the bedroom is in choosing your wallpaper type. And, you just started to make a scheme for the remaining space in your bedroom. In addition to the selection you are using, also pay attention to the size of your pattern. The size of the pattern must be proportionate to the size of the bedroom. A large room requires that you use a pattern that is as large as the size of your room and vice versa.

Accent Wall

Wallpaper becomes a way to display a statement of style, and it is not surprising why wallpaper becomes a decoration that will decorate the accent walls in your bedroom. Or more often described as a wall that aims to attract attention in the room, using wallpapers with large patterns with bold colors can be an alternative for you to try.

To make a focal point in the bedroom, choosing a place from the wallpaper is something you should pay attention to! Generally, you should place your wallpaper to highlight a focal point in the room to attract the attention of anyone who enters your bedroom. However, using patterns with mural motifs can be an alternative choice for your wallpaper.


Nobody denied it! The furniture is a piece of furniture that has a wallet. Maybe you want a headboard with good quality, but you are bound at a tight cost. It’s a good idea to try to choose a wallpaper to change your headboard for a more cost-effective solution.

In the selection of wallpaper for the headboard, you will get some problems, especially for the correct measurement. To get more maximum results, you can measure your wallpaper a little bigger than the size of your bed! And generally, a good measurement of wallpaper is to add 2-3 inches to both sides of the wallpaper. Besides the size, you also have to make sure your installation is better and get a wallpaper look without any air on your wallpaper surface!

Give Texture

Wallpaper can be an option in adding textures in every room that requires additional textures in it. The principle of texture is how a shape will be as it should be. Entering some textures in the room will make the room more visually attractive.

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Whatever prints you will use for the bedroom, the wallpaper will definitely act as an additional texture to your room. You can even display a piece of wood on a wall using the texture of your wallpaper. Giving a pattern that looks more rugged will result in a look that is really real for the texture of your wallpaper.

Thus, we advise you to go and print wallpapers with natural textures such as wood and stone to give a modern and natural feel to your bedroom.

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