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Plants are one of God’s creatures that can breathe, plants are also an option to decorate the room with a breath of life and add color to each property in the house. Many types of plants and even some varieties can improve air quality and give a pleasant natural aroma even fresher than your air freshener. The addition of plants in the room will provide more comfort for you with various properties in the house.
To deepen your knowledge, read an article about plants in this room along with a choice of plants that you can use for any room.

Benefits Of Using Home Plants

Benefits Of Using Home Plants That You Need To Know min

Clean the air
Pollution indoors is higher than outdoors, because there is a mixture of outdoor pollutants with chemicals in the room such as VOCs. This material comes from a variety of furniture, paint, and also from your soap or detergent. When you open a window and bring in air from outside, this method will bring in air and improve the quality of air in your room. This method can not always be applied. Like when winter comes opening a window is not a good choice.
In 1989 NASA conducted a study and determined that using plants indoors would help in removing harmful chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde and bringing in plants would reduce “sick building syndrome”. After that research, many trends of indoor plants developed to improve and clean the air. In fact, many plants are very good at cleaning the air and reducing mold in the air by up to 80%, these plants are like English ivy.
Increased Concentration
A study states that a person will do more tasks when he is surrounded by plants. A study found that the incorporation of plants in the work area would help in increasing productivity by up to 20%. Basically when our eyes are looking at plants, then it is the same as we get a micro-break from the screen and will increase concentration.
Decreased Stress
When you love traveling, you will feel that stress will be reduced and can refresh your body and mind. This can also be applied to your room when bringing plants into the room, plants will give you more comfort to relax on weekends. Plants in the room will clean the air and improve the quality of your health and also be a way to minimize stress levels.
Like bringing Lavender indoors will reduce heart rate and blood pressure and this aroma will improve sleep quality and provide comfort for users.
Improve mood
When winter comes with darkness and makes time feel heavier, especially when you are a person suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). The addition of flowers and plants will give you a spirit of encouragement and keep you up to be optimistic. Winter jasmine is a choice of plants with a fragrant scent with white flowers that bloom when winter arrives. And Goldfish Plants flowers will make a warmer impression when winter with orange-colored flowers.
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Plant choices for every room in your home.
  1. Living room; Piece Lily and Philodendron. Lily is the choice of plants with easy maintenance with the appearance of white flowers to absorb air pollutants. Philodendron is a plant choice for air purification with vining and upright varieties.
  2. Bedroom; Orchid and Snake. Basically, plants will do photosynthesis during the day and emit carbon dioxide at night. However, these two plants do the opposite and make these two plants the choice for a pleasant nighttime plant.
  3. Bathroom; air plants and ferns. The bathroom is an area with a high humidity level, with heat, and little light. Both of these plants are very good choices that can be in your bathroom.
  4. Kitchen; Aloe vera. Aloe vera is a plant with a dual function that is right inside the kitchen. Aloe vera can be a healing plant and also last long. The gel in aloe vera can be a quick remedy for burns with instant cooling.
  5. Office; Gerbera Daisies and Spiders. Gerbera daisies are plants that will provide additional color in the office and remove toxins in the air. While the spider is a plant that has minimal maintenance that is difficult to kill.

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