Best Bathroom Flooring Ideas for Your Consideration

Best Bathroom Flooring Ideas for Your Consideration

Best Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Many homeowners think appearance is everything! Especially for the selection of floors in a room, living room, dining room, bedroom, and so on. However, we think appearance is the second consideration in any floor selection project. Especially in the bathroom, Best Bathroom flooring ideas are about how the floor can give a sense of comfort and safety to be found there.

The bathroom is the wateriest room in the house, water can be anywhere! Dining, floor, even up to the ceiling. When choosing the wrong floor for the bathroom, you will find that the floor looks damaged quickly and this is a real problem you will face. It is not only water resistance that is considered, if only water the choice of ceramic tile or vinyl sheet is the best bathroom flooring for now. However, of course, you also want the floor to have a slick look, have strong durability, and have a reasonable cost, right? For this reason, Best Bathroom flooring ideas should be a guide in your selection.

Best Bathroom Flooring Ideas Consideration

Best Bathroom Flooring Ideas for Your Consideration
Best Bathroom Flooring Ideas for Your Consideration

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile
The first Best Bathroom flooring ideas are porcelain tiles that are water-resistant, elegant in appearance, and are a cost-effective choice. This option provides a rich, more textured, and also very sturdy impression, and has the best water resistance of all flooring materials, and of course, has an affordable cost.

This option comes with many display options to get, with the many options available you can balance the look with the style you have. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes to consider. The use of mosaic tiles is an example of having an elegant appearance with more striking colors for the bathroom.


  • Has many choices
  • Increase the sale value of the house
  • Easy maintenance


  • Cold
  • Hard
  • Looks too sterile
  • When the floor is damp or wet it becomes very slippery

Vinyl (sheets, planks, and tiles)
Vinyl is the best bathroom flooring ideas with an elegant and very practical look, this floor has become very popular for bathroom floors in the last few decades. Sheet vinyl flooring is a really preferred choice when dealing with excess water. Depending on the size of the vinyl sheet, you can use a sewing method to attach it.

The Best Bedroom Flooring for Comfort

Luxury vinyl also comes as an idol with a width of 5 inches and a length of 50 inches. Even better than vinyl is one of those floors that can be installed yourself.


  • Great water resistance
  • Has a waterproof board
  • Tiles and boards have easy installation
  • Floating vinyl can be replaced more easily


  • Does not increase the resale value
  • When you find lumps or gaps in the lower layer it can move to the surface.

Natural stone
The next best bathroom flooring ideas is a natural stone, but the problem is this is very expensive! In line with its price, natural stone is the choice with a hard texture, durable, and with a beautiful appearance to enhance the aesthetics of the bathroom. This floor is also a great way to increase the sale value of your home. Although they are very walled and quite slippery, adding a radiation heater is a good way. Choose stones using slips to reduce slippery floors.

If you want to use natural stone in the bathroom, then prepare your funds! Because this stone is the most expensive.


  • Selling value increases
  • Very strong staying power


  • Even
  • Requires professional workers for the installation project.

Engineered wood
The choice of wood is a better flooring idea than solid wood flooring for rooms with high humidity because it has stable dimensions. The use of engineered wood with a plywood base makes it stronger for areas with high humidity. This floor also has a look that resembles solid wood which makes it even more preferred by many homeowners. If you want a wooden look in your bathroom, using engineered wood is a better idea.


  • Better material for the appearance of wood in damp areas
  • Stable in dimensions
  • Real hardwood on top


  • Overstanding makes the veneer layer more worn
  • Expensive

Maybe many do not think that laminate is better Bathroom flooring ideas than hardwood! This floor is a paper floor mixed with resin at the top of the wood chips. The surface is a set of oak, cherry, stone, marble, and so on.

Laminate can be a great choice for a bathroom to prevent the wooden plinth from getting wet. The stitches that are tighter between the planks make it difficult for the water to crawl inside. In addition, laminate is a material choice that has easy cleaning with a base such as wood chips.


  • Cheap
  • Easy to install


  • The damage cannot be repaired
  • Can generate static electricity.

Keep in mind that flooring comes in many variations. And when choosing materials, one room to another can vary. Hardwood floors and wall-to-wall rugs are perfect for a bedroom however, these Best Bathroom flooring ideas won’t work!

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