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What is wider than a jumbo-sized living room? Yes, it is on the floor! The floor is one part of the house that almost covers more than 75% in your home. However, each design and material from the floor can be different from each room. Especially in the kitchen or bathroom that has a lot of extra traffic and humidity levels. To get the best bathroom flooring, you must consider several factors such as material, durability, the slipperiness of the floor, and so on.

Choosing a good bathroom floor is when you make consideration of how your floor will withstand various stresses and also the durability in a room that has more water and water. When you bring the wrong floor into the bathroom, you will find the floor breaks faster and the cost of changing the floor is not a cheap project! Not only the durability of moisture that must be considered, but also from the appearance of the floor, the cost, and also the installation must be in the list of best bathroom flooring considerations.

A list of the best bathroom flooring options that you must consider:

Consideration Of Best Bathroom Flooring

Consideration Of Best Bathroom Flooring

1. Porcelain Tiles (Ceramics)
We start from the choice of porcelain tiles for Best Bathroom Flooring, this one is present in the power of water, with a charming style, and also has an affordable cost to bring home. This choice has almost the same characteristics as a stone with a variety of textures, stylish, and also very sturdy. In addition, the great resistance to water makes porcelain tiles a good choice for bathrooms.

So what distinguishes porcelain tiles from ceramic tiles? The most striking difference between the two is the absorption of water. Ceramic tiles come with more style and attractive appearance, so you can load a charming bathroom according to your desires, and with more choices available you can create a ceramic potato with wood and stone appearance.

Aside from the diverse look, you will also get ceramic tiles of many sizes, and shapes. Squares, square displays, and even octagon or hexagonal. The availability of colors that are mutable becomes a more flexible choice to make the bathroom look more colorful and attract attention.


  • Come with a wide selection of styles and designs
  • Having a good resale value
  • Ease of cleaning


  • Cold
  • Hard
  • Slippery

2. Natural Stone
Natural stone is the belle of the best bathroom flooring, but they come at a fairly high price. Natural stone is also a material that has a hard texture, long durability, and has an elegant appearance for the bathroom. This natural stone floor also comes with a very good resale value (the best) from other best bathroom flooring materials. You can overcome the cold floor problems by using radiant heaters. While problems with slips can be overcome with stones that have texture and sandblasting.

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The most prominent weakness of this floor is that when you want it, you should really dig deeper into your pocket! Because natural stone floors are a very expensive choice.


  • Resale value is good
  • Durable


  • The cost is very expensive
  • Cannot do the installation yourself

3. Engineering wood
For flooring in the bathroom, wooden floors will not work. It would be better if you use engineered wood because of the dimensional stability that exists in this engineered wood. Engineered wood is a choice with a plywood base with moisture resistance in the bathroom. This floor also has a look that resembles real wood only the existing pattern is a recurring pattern.


  • Better than wood floors
  • Dimensional stability


  • Varied prices (medium-high)

4. Lamination
Laminate flooring comes as a better choice than hardwood because this floor is a paper that is combined with resin that is at the base of wood chips. With a laminated surface is a replica of oak, cherry, marble, slate, and also other types of stone. This floor has a coat that is often referred to as a layer of wear, this layer has a guarantee for almost 30 years.

This option would be good to be in the bathroom, but the action to protect the wood surface from moisture must be done. A dense layer on each plank makes it difficult to get into the sidelines and damage the floor. Lamination also comes with easy cleaning.


  • Low Cost
  • Easy installation


  • Floors that absorb water will be damaged and require replacing the floor
  • Is a static collector


5. Vinyl
This floor is the best bathroom flooring option you have to lyrics! The appearance is very charming and practical, making vinyl a popular choice for bathroom floors in many years. Vinyl sheet is the best choice to complete the bathroom and vinyl sheer is a vinyl choice that will be suitable for dealing with moisture and water, Vinyl sheet can be installed with fewer stitches. And as time goes by, luxury vinyl boards come as more popular floors with a width of 5 inches and a length of 48 inches. Vinyl is becoming more popular because of its ease of installation, and the availability of its diverse styles.


  • Really waterproof
  • Cheap
  • Ease of installation
  • Ease of replacements


  • Poor sale value
  • Lumps or gaps in the underlayment or subfloor can move to the surface.

Choice of floors that may not be in the bathroom
1. Wall to Wall Carpet (Will not withstand existing moisture, and will dry out slowly in a small bathroom area)
2. Solid wood (Without a protective layer, hardwood will not survive in a humid bathroom)

The idea of choosing the best bathroom flooring is to pay attention to how the floor will work well for you, especially when the floor is wet and also the durability of daily water attacks.

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